Tuesday, November 29, 2011

what might be next

"So how is that little man of yours?" Jules brought back Ian's suit.

Ian was never sure just how snide Jules's remarks were. Was he trying to be cute or jealous?

"I don't really know." Ian sighed. "Things just haven't been right with us, since Derrick got that part in the musical. He's busy. I guess." No, Derrick didn't spend Thanksgiving with him. Ian felt a little lost at the moment. Not sure what was happening. "Maybe it was before he even got the part." Ian shrugged then.

"Well, that's a shame." Jules hung up the suit where he found it. "I wasn't in the suit, all that long." Jules smirked then as if he had his own bubble of information he'd rather gush about.

"I take it, it went well?" Ian hugged himself as he looked Jules over. His smile was genuine, yet he wasn't being an ass about it.

"Depends how you look at it." Jules squirmed a squint as if he didn't want to jinx it. "This whole thing at the college is really an undertaking. Except, well...Will makes it all better."

"Will?" Ian looked at him funny as if he didn't know a Will.

"Jonah's sister." Jules bit his upper lip as if not to give too much away, but Ian had never seen this side of him.  Perhaps Jules was maturing.

"Are you keeping secrets from me?" Ian was intrigued.

"Not anymore, than you are from me." Jules held in a laugh.

"What do you mean?" Ian wasn't following, as Jules made himself at home in Ian's room. He plopped himself on the bed as if he could easily take a snooze, yet he was more awake than ever.

"Oh, you were on campus other day. With a lass, I might add. What's that about?" Jules pursed his lips as if he knew something juicy.

"You saw me with Lola?" Ian slightly flushed.

"Lola? Sexy." Jules winked.

"Its not like that." Ian shook his head, no. "We talk."

"Who says, that's not sexy, huh?" Jules pressed with a sly smile. "I think you have a girlfriend, mate."

"She is not a girlfriend." Ian shook his head, no, but he was still full of laughter.

"The catch is mate, you have to know when to fold'm." Jules gave him shrug. He popped back up, giving Ian a playful punch. "This thing with Derrick may have run its course."

"No." But it pained Ian to speak of Derrick. Suddenly, it was frustrating to even say his name while all the while it was comfort to be in Lola's company.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a confusing time for Ian. :/

ivy's closet said...

Jules is something. Hopefully, Ian is OK.

lucy and sarah said...

Lots to absorb there..in that little conversation.

caitlin and megan said...

Oh, that Jules. But I kind of like what he said to Ian.

mazzy may said...

Jules does have a point. Ian has a lot to think about.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I like Ian with Lola, as confusing as it is for Ian!

Mimi said...

aww, i hope things work out for ian. :)

<3, Mimi
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