Friday, December 30, 2011

This is the day

Ravi was on pins and needles. His stomach was full of butterflies. And his parents were at Olivia's dad house, waiting for the celebration to begin.

Asa showed up in a tux too. He was ready to do his part. Nick, his best man who he hadn't seen in ages, arrived on time with Heath. Soon enough the house was packed. There were fold out chairs in the livingroom, but some, from work, squeezed in behind the chairs.

They hadn't exactly sent out invitations. But he'd sent a post card at work and Ravi hadn't expected this many. There were their favorites too. Syd and Eric were here so were Ellie and Lon, but no kids to disrupt the wedding.

Just before the music started to play, Ravi noticed Olivia parents, who raised her finally arrived. Ravi felt faint. This was actually going to happen. They would be husband and wife before the new year started.

When he saw Olivia, he knew he loved her all over again. It was as if the past was behind them. Honestly, Ravi didn't think he'd feel any different. It would be just be another day. Only it wasn't. It was a celebration. At it was long overdue. It was pledge to be the best they could be to each other.

There was a tickle in Ravi's throat as he smiled at Olivia. He felt happiness. It was a pure energy that could endure what ever came their way.


Mimi said...

awwww, that is so cute! i liked reading about what went on in ravi's head! my favorite line? "he knew he loved her all over again"! ;)

<3, Mimi

Florence said...

Aww its adorable indeed

ivy's closet said...

Sweet ending!

lucy and sarah said...

Sounds like a wonderful moment.

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a beautiful moment! :)