Friday, January 13, 2012

far far away

Ravi didn't say anything when it was decided they'd go to Tuscan to visit Amber and her new husband. Amber's gift to them was a two night stay at a resort which would be a joining rooms with them.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Ravi winced at the thought of Amber and Scott, hearing them having sex, or what if they heard them? He cringed at the thought.

"Look, it'll be fun, and besides, we can have our own adventures in Albuquerque  or where ever we end up on our way there. Besides, they'd never driven this far alone, anywhere together.

Ravi didn't like driving, all that much. Possibly, it was because it had taken him forever to even have his own car, and he needed it for work and back. It wasn't like it was a lavished vehicle, but the economical sort, a Honda Fit.

After the first four hours on the road, Olivia decided she'd drive and Ravi could read the map. Actually, she was pretty good as a navigator and if she had her playlist of the FREELANCE WHALES going... well, she made good time on the Interstate. Still it took 3 days to get there.

And driving in Tuscan was a different story.

"We're very old school." Olivia told Scott when he found them at a nearby Wal-Mart parking lot. Scott was shocked they didn't have a GPS. Of course, he had a cool new car with all the fixes one would need for any journey. The car could practically park itself.

Ravi, of course, was tired and out of sorts. Next thing he knew, they were parked in front of Amber and Scott's cool adobe looking place, yet modern with rock garden included. They repacked their stuff in Scott's car and were off to the resort.

Amber chatted about the resort. All the things it had to offer, several golf courses, swimming, spas and the places they could dine.

"It'll be amazing!" So there they were. A room with two regular sized beds and a room with a king sized bed.

"Which is ours?" Ravi had never seen so many pillows in his life.

"You two get the king sized bed, of course." Amber told them. After all, they were the honeymooning couple.

Ravi gritted a smile as he put his arm around Olivia. All Ravi could think of was a long nap, right now. He was too tired to think anything else. A part of him felt he must be the worst husband in the world, but then Olivia knew him. Practically finished his sentences.

Even so, Ravi had never been in a predicament like this before. Two married couples at a resort together.


Ben and Molly said...

I wonder how this'll go.

mazzy may said...

Interesting happenings.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's an awkward situation; but hopefully they have a blast! :)

meg said...

Maybe this'll help with their friendship with Scott and Amber.

FWB said...

Looks like quite the beginning of something.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, I hope Ravi will get through this.

ivy's closet said...

Looks like they have some new friends.

blue hearts said...

This should be interesting.

O V said...

Oh, I hope they hit it off.