Saturday, January 14, 2012

Love comes in spurts

Jules was not going to think of the Josie matter now. Of course, he wondered if he should tell Willow the whole story about Josie, or just leave it alone. Instead, he was still in shock that Jonah called. He didn't know what to think.

Maybe it was just an accident. The phone call. The second time.

Jules was mixed with emotion. He didn't want Jonah hating him, completely. He did want to be there for him. In a way, they were practically family. They could still be friends. Weren't they always friends?

The next day after his phone call from Jonah, when Jules was alone, he called Jonah back.

"So how's it going?" Jules asked first thing.

"What are you wanting?" Jonah was defensive. Jules expected it.

"You called me first." Jules was determined to work it out with Jonah.

"Yeah, so what?" Jonah was mad, but he didn't hung up.

"I think you want something." Jules reminded him that maybe they could still be friends. "Look, I know I've been shitty to mates and all, but..but maybe I can help you."

"How?" Jonah sounded curious enough.

"You and Ste? Mates, I take it?" Jules asked.

"I guess." Jonah didn't sound so sure.

"It could be more, if you try." Jules told him.

"How? I'm no good at this kind of thing. And you know it." Jonah was defensive.

"If you want him bad enough, it could happen." Jules told him.

"How?" Jonah was still on the line.

"You gotta act interested. Interested in him. Make him a mix. Bring him things. Ask him to a movie. Just be there for him. It could happen." Jules doubted any of it would work, but Jonah didn't need to know that.

"I dunno." Jonah didn't sound confident.

"Then, ask someone else out. You might make him jealous. Maybe the other bloke could be practice." Jules suggested.

"Practice?" Jonah sounded as if it might be like pulling teeth.

"You have to try." Jules said. "You can't give up. If he's important to you, then you should give it a go." Jules felt as if he might could help him. Somehow.

"All right." Jonah sighed.

"Now, make sure, you feel comfortable with this other individual. You have anyone in mind?" Jules knew it was a lot to ask. Wasn't like he could point someone out. They were on different continents.

"Maybe it could be someone at work. I wouldn't suggest the clubs. Start with casual conversation. And..who knows, he just might want to kiss you. If he does, you have to let him." Jules smiled, thinking that would be a sight.

"I've never done that before." Jonah sounded depressed, already.

"Then, you have to do it. Its like jumping off the high dive board, the first time. Its a thrill. You'll, see." There was a long silence then.

"Why didn't I let you kiss me..when I had a chance?" He heard Jonah's voice crack.

"Just not meant to be. But you have to keep an open mind, if you're serious about ..not being alone." Jules reminded him.

"Have to make compromises, sometimes..." Jules hoped Jonah understood this. But then someone came to  mind. Someone Jules knew back home. "Hang on," Jules thought Gilly would be perfect. "I know someone you might want to meet. He still lives in my village. I'm sure he'd love to come to London."

Gilly was a bit of a lonesome fellow, but he was loyal. Jules knew. He didn't say much. Pretty much as unlucky in love as Jonah.

"Just give Gilly a chance, he's a bit awkward. Not as smart as you, but he knows how to be a mate, at least. You might could learn something from him."

Of course, Jonah wasn't exactly looking for a mate.

"Who knows, you two might hit it off." Jules smiled hoping Jonah might feel his positiveness. He gave Jonah Gilly's number. Jules supposed he better let Gilly know what was up.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Very excited to see how this turns out! :)

lucy and sarah said...

Jules is kind of funny. Yes, definitely interesting.

ivy's closet said...

Oh boy..can't hardly wait to see who Gilly is.

meg said...

What is Jules up to? Playing he???

Sara said...

Go Jules! Cutie with the long-ish hair :)