Wednesday, January 18, 2012

just a hunch

This was the last thing Scott thought would be happening, getting a phone call that he needed to get back to the hotel for an emergency which meant a drive to the hospital, after all. He was out in his cycling clothes. Of course, Ravi could barely keep up. He'd left Ravi out on the trail to get back on his own.

"It wasn't even hot, out there." He knew extreme temperatures. It couldn't possibly be a heat stroke. Scott was puzzled.

"I'm just clumsy." Amber said from the hospital bed. She'd had a few tests done as a precaution. Now they were waiting to hear from the doctor.

"I wish I'd been there." As if he were a superhero and could have stopped the accident from happening, he would have tried. He hated to see her bruised and in pain. Scott touched her forehead, all he could imagine was the thought of some day of having his own daughter who looked like Amber. He'd felt it the first time he saw Amber. He wanted to be the father of her children. Oddly, he'd never felt that way about anyone he'd ever met.

"I don't think you should worry." She looked away as he pushed his fingers through her dark honey colored hair.

"But I want to. I need to. I love you." How could she forget? Sometimes, he did wonder if she thought of him the way he thought of her. But maybe it didn't matter. He didn't want her doubting him.

"I'm fine." She hugged herself.

Scott sighed, wondering if that were the truth, completely. It seemed lately, she'd been distancing herself. He thought for sure they'd been on the same page when they met. It seemed that way. The way she smiled at him. Possibly, they'd done so much together, early on. But maybe it was the idea of wanting her to want him. He did give her a lot things, just to show that he appreciated her. He wanted to make her happy. But, he wondered now if Amber was very good at faking, being happy.

"Maybe, you're not telling me everything?" Scott winced. What could have happened on that mountain? He then wondered. "This is about Olivia, isn't it?"

"What?" She squinted back at him.

"You and Olivia." He stared at her hard.

"Yeah? She's my best friend." Amber told him.

"Is that all, she is to you?" Scott swelled a frown as if suddenly he knew the truth, and he didn't like it very much.


GlamorousGirl said...

love it!!!

Cafe Fashionista said...

So many secrets are about to be revealed it seems. :/

ivy's closet said...

wow, didn't see that one coming.

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meg said...

What a strange revelation.

lucy and sarah said...

Hope someone sets him straight. Which would be worse for him to think now????

Sara said...

Wow, he needs some answers, or he is going to be really confused!