Monday, January 23, 2012

out on a limb

Gilly was a bit shocked to get an e-mail from Jonah. In fact, he seldom checked his e-mail because most of it was spam, but this was quite elaborate. He felt a tad guilty now, sending Jonah nothing more than a text that you'd have decode what the letters meant that he punched in.

Gilly wasn't exactly freaking out, but he needed to talk to someone about it.

"I heard from him." Gilly blurted as soon as Jules picked up.

"Did you now?" Jules sounded excited to. He didn't have to explain anything to him.

"Yeah." Gilly found himself smiling. In general it was bullies he faced, in the work place, at school. He kept to himself, mostly. "But, he's not like me." He could tell by the letters. This fellow was smart and educated. He didn't know half the vocabulary.

"True, he could take some getting, used too. But I'm sure if you write him back. You'd have a friend. Maybe a best mate." Jules encouraged him.

"He'll think I'm stupid." Gilly was glum at the thought of it.

"No," Jules said. "Stop saying that. Jonah, is..not like that. Think of it, as you helping him."

"How can I help him?" Gilly didn't see that happening. He'd never helped anyone in his life. Or so he believed, even if he did work extra shifts down at the pub, all the time when someone needed a day off.

"Don't put much of an effort in it, All right? Just do what you do. That's all there is to it." Jules told him.

"Easy?" Gilly had really never knew the word, exactly.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I like Gilly. :)

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Awww I feel sorry for Gilly :( not sure why but he reminds me of my friend :P


ellie said...

He kind of reminds me of a friend, too. And I'm a very big fan of Rasmus Hardiker (Lead Balloon & Your Highness)

meg said...

I'm so adoring Gilly. I hope he and Jonah hit it off.

Vasu said...

Super cute..:)

ivy's closet said...

Oh, Gilly, I hope things get better for him.

Sara said...

I like Gilly! He just needs some confidence.

lucy and sarah said...

I hope it'll be a good thing for him, knowing Jonah.