Sunday, January 1, 2012

wake up and smell the coffee

Jules couldn't help but smile. He'd enrolled into some college classes. They were art classes. Willow managed to get him to take some tests so he could ace out of some basic courses, which he was absolutely relieved about. Honestly, he never knew he was that smart. Maybe he had paid attention, after all.

Still he got up in the wee morning hours to get ready for the day and the campus coffee shop. And Topher was plenty glad to help. Of course, Jules was sure they both lived on caffeine.

"You know, I met this girl. Gave her my number, and I can't believe it. Nothing." Topher mentioned. Jules was half listening. Topher talked about all the concerts he'd gone to over the holidays. The concerts he planned to go to. He talked nonstop, sometimes.

"Yeah, well, you meet plenty. I'm sure one will come through." Jules sighed, thinking if they knew Topher like he did, they'd know he was a little crazy. Possibly, annoying, but Jules wouldn't hold it against him. He went to pull some more scones out. They were getting low. Luckily, people needed something quick to eat, after the holidays.

"But I only want to hear from one." Topher was serious. "I don't give my phone number out, to just anyone."

"Of course, not." Jules knew Topher didn't realize he was being sarcastic. After all, Topher was ringing up customers. They must have thought he was talking about a celebrity. Just as Jules was having a bit of laugh over Topher's enthusiasm, he looked up to see Josie at the door.

Jules thought he might have a heart attack. He hadn't seen her in ages. She was the last person he wanted to see.


Yolandaas said...

Yeah Burt Bee's is great!! x

ivy's closet said...

Topher is like Jules' new best friend. hmmm....

lucy and sarah said...

Well..that would be kind of weird, seeing her there.

Sara said...

Wow, I wonder what she wants..

Ben and Molly said...

Oh, he needed to see her again.

Aimee Victoria Long said...

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