Thursday, February 23, 2012

catching up

It was true. Roger did need to admit it to himself. He'd given up a lot to be with Ryan. Especially, his friends.

He felt bad that he didn't make it to Olivia and Ravi's wedding, but Ryan wouldn't go. She said it had to do with all the food she couldn't be around, yet he knew Ryan was never keen on Olivia. They had a past. Ryan was his future. Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly a happy ending.

She was moody. Cold to people. Some days, he thought she hated everything. But on the bright side, she loved him, and they both were doing well. Even financially. Leon and Tyra were the only ones who lived at the house now, and they rarely saw each other.

Perhaps, Roger let Ryan rule the roost. Yet, they were busy. But sometimes, he wondered if everyone else was having a good time, but him. He and Ryan didn't go out. Ryan liked staying in. She kept to herself. She'd prefer a good book over going out to a movie. Besides, it was expensive and she couldn't have popcorn, anyway.

On the other hand, they could go on a good run. To the gym. A walk in the park. A trip to his mother's, once a month. A weekend at his Dad's. What more did he need?

"You don't even go to the playhouse?" Olivia teased him when she and Ravi made a surprise visit one cold night. "You always loved those after parties."

"Not anymore." He doubted Ryan was even listening. Of course, she was hiding in the bedroom. She didn't want anyone seeing her.

"I know you're busy, but..but I would have thought you would least wanted a bit part in a play, or something." Olivia plopped herself down on the couch along with Ravi.

"I dunno." Yes, he'd thought about it, but he needed to be here for Ryan, even if things seemed to be going smoothly with the diabetes. Still he didn't want to stress her out or leave her alone, too long. He guessed. ", did you guys have a good honeymoon? You two look so refreshed." He told them as if he needed to be happy for them.

He went to find their wedding present. It was hidden in a drawer in the dining-room.

"Didn't want you to think I'd forgotten about you." Roger supposed it was a late, but better late than never. It was only a gift certificate to one of Olivia's favorite places to shop.

"Thanks." Olivia took it.

"You know, we went to Tuscan." Ravi then mentioned.

"Wow, good time to go. I guess." Roger tried to be enthusiastic, but he didn't see himself going anywhere.

"Yeah, you know, Amber moved out there." Olivia told him.

"You saw Amber?" Roger thought that was strange as he watched both of them.

"Amber and Scott were on our honeymoon, with us." Ravi shrugged. He talked about the resort and the golf course.

"I just don't think we'd ever move there." Olivia winced as if it wasn't that great.

"I dunno. It would be a cool place to live." Ravi looked at Olivia, but then she said it was too close to the border.

"How''s Amber?" Roger wanted to know.

"She's-" Olivia stared at Ravi as if he should answer this one.

"They have a great house. Its so cool.." He was looking at Olivia.

"But their dog got Valley Fever." Olivia quickly said. "Humans can get that, you know."

Roger looked at both of them, wondering what they were trying to hide from him.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such an awkward situation for them all. :/

Sara said...

This conversation was a little awkward. I am happy for Ravi and Olivia though :)

meg said...

I feel a little sad for Roger. Giving up his friends like that for Ryan. I dunno. Hope she's worth it.

Leslie Quiros said...

this must be such a weird spot. i perfectly imagine it tho!

Fabrizia said...

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lucy and sarah said...

I feel really bad for Roger. I hope Olivia talks to Ryan.

ivy's closet said...

Oh, Roger, I hope he's doing the right thing.

mazzy may said...

Oh, Olivia. What were they thinking??

Paula said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog dear, yours is very cute! Do you write a kind of novel/ soap or something? Thanks for following me btw :)


Winnie said...

Seems a bit awkward especially with Olivia trying to downplay the situation! Hope Roger is ok.

Aimee Victoria Long said...

WHat a weird if not somewhat awkward sit, Aimee