Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the fires keep burning

Leon supposed he was all right with the weekend dinners he and Tyra had with Jazmin and Jared. Usually, they were at Jazmin's place. Jared wouldn't hear of coming to their place.

"Just what did Roger do to you?" Leon finally asked Jared while the two of them were watching Nan while the girls were in the kitchen.

"Its what he didn't do." Jared was indifferent as he drank on a long neck beer and Leon swirled the last of the red wind in the glass that Jazmin insisted on everyone tasting.

'Well, he's-he's had a lot on his plate, lately." Leon shrugged.

"Don't we all." Jared seemed peeved, yet happy when Nan climbed up in his lap.

Leon smiled thinking Jared wasn't so bad as a Dad. He did love his kids. It showed, but then their was something bitter about him, too.

" how is-" Leon guessed he shouldn't bring it up, but it was too late. "How's your wife?"

"Not good." Jared told him that his wife was in a coma and was off the respirator now. It was just a matter of time.

Leon thought Jared should be there, but he wouldn't dare mention it. Suddenly, Leon felt a shiver. Maybe he was thinking about his own grandmother and her passing. He sat down on the couch, thinking if he were Jared he would be there at the hospital.

Next thing he knew, Jared was going on about how Leon should think about the police academy. There was still time.

Leon found himself laughing. Maybe it was the wine. "No sir," Leon sighed. "I'm not police material." He thought of the shootings going on in the city. Of course, they didn't live in those neighborhoods. He didn't want to think of all the violence. He certainly knew he couldn't handle it.

Jared winced at him as if Leon were a coward. But Leon was OK with that. He really wasn't sure he wanted to be Jared's friend, anyway.


ivy's closet said...

Maybe he'll be a good influence on Jared.

Aimee Victoria Long said...

Did you see Harry at the Brit awards last night>!?!
Cool post, by the way

Cafe Fashionista said...

Hopefully things will change between the two of them. :/

Sara said...

Oh this has got to be hard, seeing if it is worth being friends with a person anymore.

Aimee Victoria Long said...

Not sure what I would do in this situation, maybe things will work out.

meg said...

Honestly, I love Leon. I can only hope Jared is better than I think he is.

lucy and sarah said...

Leon is a good guy. Hopefully, Jared is doing the right thing.

ellie said...

So wish I could have seen One Direction! Aimee.