Wednesday, February 8, 2012

in another world

"Gilly's really not much on traveling," Jonah decided, as he was giving a report of all this to Jules.

"Well, you just can't rush it." Jules reminded him. It wasn't like Gilly needed to move right in with him. "Think friends, all right?" Jules knew how Jonah's mind worked. "And what about Ste?" Jules was on his laptop trying to look at an assignment that wouldn't be due in weeks, but he didn't want to forget about it. The job did take its toll, but there was Willow to think of, who was at the library at the moment.

Jonah wouldn't talk about Ste because he was a bit pissed with him, as of late. Too many ladies in his life.

"Its just, I think something, or someone is bothering Gilly, you know, maybe that's why he wouldn't take me up on my offer." Jonah explained that he was trying his best to think of Gilly as just a friend, nothing more.

"I can't think of anyone." Jules shrugged. He supposed he could speak with him. It felt funny playing cupid, he supposed. When all along, this was just something for Jonah to learn. Learn to be a real friend and not expect some sort of fantasy that was incapable of happening.

"He won't talk about it. But I think its the only thing keeping him there." Jonah made it sound like a real mystery that Jules would need to get on, and, of course, let him know what was up.

"I'll give it a shot, but honestly, Gill's pretty much a loner." Of course, in the next breath Jules was asking why Jonah wouldn't take Willow's calls. "You can't go on this way with your sister." It just wasn't fair that Jonah would talk his ear off and leave Willow with the silent treatment. Not that she'd mentioned it, but he knew she was sad about it.

Soon as Jules got off his cell with Jonah he called Gilly.

"Hey, I think you're in Jonah's good book." Jules said as soon as he could. He kept smiling, hoping Gilly was too, but Gilly had a way of giving that sad look, as if the world hated him.

"He's not as a weird as you said." Gilly was on his way home from work. "Its just, I've got to get some things in order."

"You wanting order? Have you gone mad, man?" Now Jules thought that was a laugh. "What are you up too?"

"I've been thinking about my education. I could easily get on the geek squad, you know." Gilly mentioned.

"And?" Jules had no idea what he was talking about.

"And I could make more money." Gilly told him.

"Yes, of course, that's a sweet idea. Any other reason?" Jules put him on the spot. He knew for a fact Gilly was a couch potato. Jules had no idea anyone could move him to get off his butt, to do anything.

"Maybe." Gilly shrugged.

"Well, you devil! Who is it?" Obviously, not Jonah.

"I best not say." Gilly voice cracked. He was serious. Jules was a bit shocked. "Because, it would be a miracle of any of this happened."

"What are you going on about?" Jules slammed his laptop shut.

"Its no concern of yours." Gilly blurted.

"Tell me." Jules blinked as if he had an inkling what this was possibly about. Collette. Gilly was so quiet. What had she done to him?

"Collette lost the baby, and it all my fault." He made it sound as if she dropped the kid in the canal. He was thinking the worst.

"What do you mean?" Jules hadn't thought of Collette's little one for a awful long time. Gilly finally explained what happened on New Year's Eve.

"Social services will find him a good home." Jules wished Gilly wouldn't worry so much.

"They haven't yet. Its just, I don't want him lost in the system. You don't know what its like. You always had your mum. Always." Gilly, hadn't been as lucky.


meg said...

That is sad about Gilly. Jules might be closer to Jonah and Gilly, now..than he's ever been.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I hope they can get him out of the system before it's too late! :/

Bonnie said...

I love reading people's creative writing. This is why I adore blogging so much! You write very well.
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lucy and sarah said...

I hope Gilly can do something for Tristan.

ivy's closet said...

Aw, I feel so sad for Gilly now, and Tristan too.

Sara said...

Poor Gilly! I feel so bad for him :(

mazzy may said...

Its a sad moment.

Aimee Victoria Long said...

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