Wednesday, February 29, 2012

misery loves company

Topher was the first to know.

"I guess I'm special." Of course, it was Willow he told first, after Josie told him the news. "When ..when did I get so god-damn special?" He honestly wanted to hate Josie now. But that would be so easy, he told himself. He really wanted to throw up. It was as if he was having a good bout of morning sickness in the afternoon.

"I told you, not ..not too rush into it." Willow's words were angry, as if she knew him, too well.

"Its not mine. I didn't do this to her." Topher looked at Willow out of the corner of his eye. Thank god, they were alone at the campus coffee shop. Jules was at class.

"Really? Because, you you got scared, that one time? Remember, on spring break?" Willow was serious.

"I didn't have sex, with her." He sighed, but someone did. He looked at Willow very serious. He couldn't help but bring it up. "You don't think it's Jules? Do you? I mean, said..he knew her?"

Willow looked at him wide eyed. She said nothing.

Topher winced hard as he needed to sit down, to take this all in. He didn't mean to do this to Willow, but somehow, he felt better if Willow fit somewhere into the equation, too.


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Misery loves company? So true!
I so enjoyed reading this peice. Poor Willow;-)

ivy's closet said...

Topher is certainly taking a turn around on this.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh Willow. :(

Sara said...

Poor Willow! I hope they sort through all of this soon.

lucy and sarah said...

Why is Topher like this?

mazzy may said...

That would be mind blowing to find this out about Josie. Pregnant.

meg said...

Topher is definitely showing his true colors now.