Tuesday, February 28, 2012

a serious melody

They were getting  along pretty good. Honestly, Derrick couldn't remember the last time he'd had this much fun playing along with Henry on the drums. Yes, he took Henry up on his offer to play some music in his basement. It was good to have this goal in mind. Maybe by summer they'd have their own band. They were thinking the two of them could manage on their own.

"Isn't that friend of yours, seeing someone in a band?" Henry remembered. They chatted with them at the dance. Josie's boyfriend Topher was the lead singer.

Of course, Derrick didn't like it much, the sound of Josie's boyfriend. It sounded so final, somehow. But he didn't dwell on it. All was good. Even if his limbs were hurting just a bit from holding the guitar for so long. Yes, he was out of shape when it came to this sort of thing. Suddenly, he remembered how he used to be when he was younger. Constantly, playing his guitar. All his equipment took over the living-room at home. Who was that person? He now thought.

"We should get with Topher, when we're really good." Henry grinned.

"Yeah, why not." Derrick winced with a laugh. Although, he never would. Not that he didn't like Topher. He didn't want to know him. He wasn't sure he wanted Topher to know Henry, either. Perhaps, Derrick was selfish that way.

He liked hanging out with Henry. He did. But he wasn't convinced they dating. Yet, it was a bit complicated. Maybe they were going out. Only Derrick was learning what Henry considered a date was not what existed in Derrick's mind. But this was cool. For now. Just hanging out. Trying to be a band. Of course, no one attempted singing yet. A lot like the kissing aspect. It was not happening. Not just yet. Maybe it would. Maybe it wouldn't.

But then again, Derrick thought he might be taking this whole situation too seriously. Yet, he didn't want to let Henry down. Only it felt inevitable. Each time, just a little closer. The kissing might happen soon.


ivy's closet said...

Glad things seem to be on track.

Cafe Fashionista said...

He really needs to voice his thoughts. :/

Sara said...

I like how they are together, but I hope he says something soon.

HailesHeartsFashion said...

You can understand why he doesn't want to know Topher and also, I think he needs to voice his feelings. Seems like he is feeling a bit trapped by it all and it has to come out eventually!!

meg said...

I think he should take it slow with a new relationship.

Aimee Victoria Long said...

Great post, so interested in this plot line.