Thursday, February 16, 2012

reinventing the night

Ian saw Derrick and Henry. It peeved him that Derrick was still ignoring him. He supposed two could play at that game. But he felt bad that he was letting it bother him. The Valentines dance was for Lola. If anyone deserved a wonderful date, it was her. She did take a lot of slack at home.

He'd taken her to get a new outfit. And she did look beautiful in white.

"Hey, are, you, OK?" Her hand felt so delicate. She was wearing glitter pink nail polish.

"Yeah." He sat with her, looking at her up close. It was different than he expected with her. It was like she was on a complete different wave length, sometimes. Of course, she never asked much of him. But he liked to make her smile. She did have a nice smile. Somehow, he felt older with her.

He touched her cheek, drew her in. He kissed her on the lips. Ian imagined it sort of like a moment on TV. As if someone might be watching. He hoped they were watching. OK, it might not have been the best reason to start making out with Lola at this very moment. But wasn't that what someone thought? Well, he'd make it real. It felt perfectly right, hoping to spoil someone else's night.


ivy's closet said...

I have a feeling Lola will pick up on this.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Lola will know what he's up to. I hope. :/

meg said...

Lola will know what he's doing.

Sara said...

It is like he is being sweet, but I don't care for his hidden intentions :/

Chelsea Lane said...

awh fun writing! also I love your header :)