Wednesday, March 7, 2012

time will tell

Jules hoped Willow wasn't going to dwell on the past. He wasn't going to. Besides, Jonah sent him a picture of Tristan on his cell.

Jules had a good look at the infant. Of course, it was a good slap of the past. He wished he didn't care what the baby looked like, but he couldn't help it. He wanted to see Tristan. And it was mesmerizing, as he sat there looking into his cell at a wee little photo.

He was a little sad. Perhaps, mad at himself. How he'd reacted. The things he said to Collette when he found out she'd lied to him. Really, there were high hopes about being a father when he found out about the baby. He thought of how disgustingly happy he'd been. Of course, it meant more drinks. And a party. He'd made her mad about that too. Left her home all alone with the baby. She could hardly stand it. He didn't know what to do.

Perhaps, he was Tristan's father the first few weeks. It seemed a long time ago now. A different life. He wasn't any help, at all. He was just high on the moment. Look, what he'd done. Though, he didn't entirely ever remember much with Collette.

It was a shock the baby turned out so normal. And then to have him bounced around like that from Collette's. Then an orphanage. He was proud of Gilly, for coming through. From the photos, it was easy to see Gilly loved the little thing. Evidently, he'd spent some quality time with the little dude. Tristan was starting to look an awful lot like Gilly. Or so, Jules thought.

Jules thought it a laugh.

"Whats so funny?" Topher showed up then at the shop. Jules showed him the pictures.

"Who's kid?" Topher wanted to know.

"A friend of mine's foster kid. I can't imagine Gilly taking care of baby." Jules shrugged. "Its so much work. Never-ending, you know."

Topher hugged himself as if he really didn't want to know, nor even look at baby pictures. Jules slid his phone shut and put it away. After all, he needed a talk with Topher before they opened.

"So, you talk to Josie yet?" Jules wanted to know.

Topher shook his head. "I haven't been feeling well."

"You don't say." Jules grinned. "Then why are, you here? You, need some time off?"

"I'll be fine." Topher told him.

"I dunno. You look a bit peaked." Jules pursed his lip. He did have something to say to Topher. He was afraid he might be a bit wicked, but he was starting to doubt they were friends. "You really do have feelings for Will, don't you?"

"What?" Topher winced.

"Come on, you were really hoping I had something going on the side with Josie. Didn't you?" Jules got in Topher's face. He was pretty sure he could take him out in one blow. That is if Topher wouldn't mind getting his face messed up. Just as Jules thought, Topher was not a fighter, but he tightened his collar with his fist for good measure. "I'm really beginning to doubt who you're loyal to, here. If Josie means anything to you, you won't leave her in the cold."

Perhaps, he knew from experience. At least, he did know how to be loyal.

"You still think you have a chance with Will?" Jules wanted to know. He finally let go.

Topher shook his head, no. But Jules wasn't quite sure he believed him. He was expecting Topher would use this against him too. He'd wait and see.


Ioana-Carmen said...

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Linda said...

Its good to see how he's changed. I'm glad he didn't come to blows with Topher.

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a strange encounter. :/

Sara said...

Wow, what a mix of emotions!

meg said...

Hopefully, this won't back-fire on Jules.

ellie's desk said...

Well, Jules might be a lot rougher than we know.