Monday, April 16, 2012

catching stars

Audrey knew her cousin Kayla didn't trust her. In fact, no one trusted her. She couldn't even drive a car. She was lucky she had a key to her parent's house.

Of course, this was the most boring job,a shelver at the library, she'd ever had. She'd folded clothes once at the Gap. Only that didn't last long. The drugs, she supposed. She'd tried her hand at all sorts of jobs. Even housekeeping at a big hotel. Though, the meth was rampant.

Even now, if she put that gangly high school shelver on the spot, perhaps he could have a baggie of weed on him. Someone around here had to have something. Naturally, she swore up and down with her parents every night that she was clean. Obviously. She knew it was a matter of time... they drug tested her. She wouldn't put anything past them. Still, there was this need for some sort of recreation. She could hardly take the hours of boredom.

And then Topher showed up at the library.

"OH MY GOD!" She couldn't help but give him a hug. "How did you know I was here?" Audrey was suddenly all smiles as she looked him over.

"I didn't." He looked at her stunned. It was as if she were a stranger.

Audrey rolled her eyes. They went way back. So far back. Of course, he was four years younger than her, but somehow, he seemed older. In fact, at times, more mature than her. It was a sweet friendship. Of course, it was kind of blur how they got together.

"So? How's it going?" Audrey couldn't exactly remember. Perhaps the drugs did have something to do with it. But she knew who he was.

"Look, I don't have time for this." He was adamant. It was if they were having a do-over, and he forgot her completely.

"But you're Topher. And you and I..." She winced.

"Look, I'm not here to see you. OK?" He was a little harsh, which Audrey didn't take kind too.

"Come on, we need to catch up." She took his hand as if that had to mean something. But he dropped his hand away from hers, as if he knew too much of her. Once was obviously, enough.

"I'm looking for..this guy.. named Henry. He's kind of tall. Bad bed hair?" Topher scowled as if he really wasn't fond of him.

"What are you doing with him?" She couldn't imagine Topher smoking something with that geeky kid, helping out with children's crafts.

"My drummer is in jail. I'm looking for a drummer, for my band." He looked at her blankly.

Audrey filled with laughter. Suddenly, it was all coming back to her. One summer at the lake. His band. "Stefan!" She pointed at Topher.  He was the drummer she'd slept with. What a small world it really was.

"Yeah, he's gonna have to go to rehab." Topher shrugged, he walked off to the children's area to find the geek, but Henry had already left.


Sara said...

Wow, what a strange encounter!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe this will be a good experience for Henry? :/

lucy and sarah said...

I do wonder what sort of trouble Audrey will get into.

ivy's closet said...

I wonder what Audrey really wants from Topher???

Spencer and Toby said...

I'm wondering if we'll see more of Stefan???