Sunday, April 15, 2012

its not just a job

Milo could do the job at circulation. Still he felt a bit restraint or perhaps clumsy, getting around in his wheel chair. Everyone made him feel at ease for the most part. Except that one chick, Audrey.

"She's your cousin?" Milo finally got up the nerve to talk to Kayla about her.

"Is she giving you problems?" Kayla wanted to know, who was at her desk, checking over everyone's schedule, the part she hated the most about being head of circulation.

"Oh, no." But it was sort of a lie. Maybe. He saw how Audrey looked at him. It was easy to see that she thought she should be at circulation. Not him. But he wouldn't mention it. He went out of his way to never ask anything of her. He didn't know why she made him so uncomfortable.

Of course, she might have been the only one he really wanted to look at while he was at work. He hated to admit that. He didn't want to know her, and yet there was this other part of him that was happy to see her. Milo knew it wasn't worth it.

Deep down though, he wondered what Audrey saw when she walked by. He knew they were friendly enough as a staff. Everyone made him feel at ease and were happy to see him. But it pained him that she must have thought of him as some pitiful sort who shouldn't even be here.

Milo wheeled back out to his station. Plastered on the best smile he could. Old ladies certainly asked for his advice when it came to large print books and what was the latest books to read.


Cuppykirsten said...

I absolutely love these bordeaux-colored pants from the picture... Caught my eye immediately, even when reading ;-)

With love, Kirsten

Aimee Victoria Long said...

Nice post!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...poor Milo. :(

ivy's closet said...

I do feel sad for Milo.

Spencer and Toby said...

I hope she won't be mean to him.

lucy and sarah said...

I hope things get better for him.

meg said...

Aw, she's gotta give Milo a chance.