Saturday, April 14, 2012

whats not to love?

Ryan couldn't say it was exactly a blast from the past when Olivia approached her. In fact, she was speechless, she really was.

This was news, to hear how Olivia felt about Roger. It was as if Ryan ruined his life, according to Olivia. This troubled Ryan. Especially, when she couldn't quite fix her own life. Was she dragging Roger down with her?

Of course, she had issues. She always had. There were the gender issues and the strange preferences of how she wanted to be and for things to be. Plain and simple, she was just a girl who wanted to be a guy with a guy.

Yet she didn't want be Chaz Bono, either. That disgusted her to think about. She'd been to plenty of doctors to tell her how it could be. But would it really be the way she wanted? No, she'd take her chances, the old fashioned way. Nothing to preserve here. She'd been a late bloomer. Still flat as pancake.

A part of her really felt she was on the natural course of things. Yet being a juvenile diabetic, made things a little fickle now. She didn't exactly climb trees anymore. Nor did she take off on her own to do what she wanted, either.

Ryan had to be careful. Take her shots on time. Eat a diet packed with low carbs and no sugar. Yet, she somehow felt stronger in the long run, and maybe she didn't like sharing Roger with anyone. But it wasn't until now that she'd felt so selfish.

"Is their anything you want to tell me?" She asked as soon as she got home from work. She'd wrestled with this most of the afternoon. Was he keeping something from her?

"Like what?" Roger winced as he went to check on dinner in the oven.

"I dunno. Did you have a kid or something? That you didn't tell me about. Were you afraid to tell me?" She stared at him with her arms crossed.

"Wow, now that's big." He laughed. "No, I think we've covered everything." He put his arms around her and kissed her lips.

"I saw Olivia, today." Ryan pushed him way. She needed her distance.

"You did?" Roger looked at her as if that must have been trouble.

Ryan told him she was eating at the diner, down below from where Olivia and Ravi lived. "Olivia's kind of feisty, you know."

"Yeah, they were being weird when they came over, that one time." He went back to get something from the fridge as dinner progressed with brown rice in the rice cooker.

"I wonder what that was about?" Ryan watched Roger stir the rice that was bubbling.

"I dunno. I know, they did see Amber." He shrugged.

"Amber?" Ryan winced.

"You know?" He winced back. "Possibly the worst relationship I was ever in." He looked at her point blank. "She lives in Tuscan with her husband. I forgot his name. I guess, she must have said some bad things about me."

Ryan nodded as if he were probably right. But what if their was more? A lot more than he knew?

"We're OK? Right?" He wanted to know.

She smiled. "Of course, we are." They had each other. "Maybe you should call Olivia, sometime. Ask them over." She didn't want them thinking she was a snob.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad they're trying to make things work. :)

ivy's closet said...

Maybe Ryan isn't as bad as she comes

lucy and sarah said...

Hopefully, Ryan will reach out to Olivia.

meg said...

I hope Ryan and Olivia can be friends. But those are some good questions she's bringing up.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Roger is clueless.