Wednesday, April 4, 2012

family time

Penelope couldn't say she was thrilled about spending Sunday afternoons with Elliot's parents. But they general had a late lunch with them on Sundays. His parents spent most of the morning at church, and they were always happy to have her prepare a 2 o'clock feast for them.

She was sure they'd expected her to come those long services with them. Although, Elliot never did and as it was she had a pretty good excuse, not too.

Of course, she told Olivia's Dad the news first. After Elliot knew they were expecting a baby by the end of summer.

"It'll be like being a grandfather." He smiled.

"Well, of course," Penelope didn't care what wasn't written in stone. He would always be her Dad. She took him out for a day at the indoor gardens when she told him. They'd had brunch at the beautiful cafe. It was such a sweet moment. Possibly, she should have invited her mother along, but she didn't. She still didn't feel that close to her. She wanted to, hopefully, she'd tell her soon, but today was her moment to share the news with Elliot's family.

They were over for the late lunch of pot roast and other comfort foods. She'd give Elliot the honors. Of course, his father got up mid-way through the dinner to play his accordion. He'd found it in the attic. Elliot's mother hadn't tossed it.

Penelope sensed that perhaps everything wasn't perfect in Elliot's parents' world. His mom thought Elliot's dad would have been a hoarder if she didn't cull out things properly.

So his dad played some German polka that he'd learned while he was in the Airforce. Naturally, Penelope got an earful about their time in Germany. Of course, Elliot didn't remember a thing of it.

"I could have seen the Rolling Stones in London, but your mother wouldn't let me." Elliot's father gave his mother a pout.  Naturally, she acted as if she might have been posh from Downton Abby as she stirred her iced tea.

Penelope sighed thinking this might be a spat in progress, but she wasn't suppose to know.

"I..I see where Elliot gets all that musical talent from now." Penelope smiled.

Elliot gave back a fake smile, as if she were asking for more tunes from his father. But they ate, while his father's food went cold. His Dad played all sorts of songs on the accordion, wanting them to guess what song he was playing.

Elliot's mother was getting bitter.

"Dad, can you stop that, now." Elliot cleared his throat.

"I wanted to play this one more time, before I gave Heidi away." His dad said.

Penelope did her best to keep from laughing. So his dad named the accordion, Heidi?

"I'm leaving Heidi with you." His Dad told him.

Elliot blinked as if maybe his Dad was really crazy.

"Good riddance." His mother toasted with her iced tea then.

"Well, then." Elliot stood, taking his glass of iced tea as his dad set down to his food. "Penelope and I have some.... great news."

Just then Pearl awoke from her nap. Perhaps it was from the accordion concert. Penelope went to get her. It would be good to have Pearl in on the news too.

Naturally, the baby wrapped her little plump legs around Penelope as if all she wanted was Penelope's attention.

"Oh, are you two moving?" His mother grinned.

"No, that's not it." There were no plans for Rachel and Sam to move out. They were off at her sister's. "Penelope and I are..well, we're having a baby." Elliot toasted then, as if he didn't give a damn what his mother might respond.

Penelope bit a grin. Hopefully, they wouldn't want them to name the baby after the accordion.


ivy's closet said...

Elliot's parents are very interesting.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such an awkward encounter. :/

Sara said...

woah, what strange parents!

lucy and sarah said...

Parents can be peculiar.

ivy's closet said...

His father is very interesting.

meg said...

Now we know why Elliot's just a little wacky.

Aimee Victoria Long said...

Kind of weird!