Wednesday, April 25, 2012

making a break

Lola was slowly unraveling herself from Ian. She'd expected to much of him. She hadn't meant to.

Now, she was sure she could have had more friends if she hadn't been friends with Ian, at all. Of course, she kept retracing the past. How she'd let it happen? Had this been her fault?

She knew she was not very good at making friends. And now she needed to give up the one she did have. Perhaps, that's why it took so long. She was used to Ian's texts. It brightened her day. Maybe they could still text. Just not as much. She'd need to limit, that too.

Perhaps, it was best to go cold turkey.  Something like that.

Lola got a call from an elementary school. She'd been elected to help paint a mural.

"See, that's good news. Right?" Milo seemed happy about it, that night at supper.

"I guess." All the while, she kept checking her simple clutch phone to see if there were any messages from Ian. How in the world would she ever avoid him?

"I got you something." Milo pulled the cell phone from his shirt pocket. It was ready to be use. He'd set up a pay as you go phone. It was even fancy, too. She could use the Internet easily on this one. However, she doubted Milo would pay for that. "This is just for, you know. When you want to get away from someone. Don't call him on this phone. Basically, this is just for me to talk to you, and maybe that school you'll be working for, this summer."

Lola nodded as if she could work with that. She hoped.

"Hey, you're going to find someone else." He smiled as if he had faith in her. "This time, maybe a real boyfriend."

It hurt to hear his words. She winced then as she went to put Liam in his highchair. Funny, how their mother was already back, but out with friends. She was out with an old friend. A guy friend, at that.

"How does Mom do it?" Lola turned back to Milo.

"Evidently, its not genetic. We must have taken after Dad." Milo shrugged as he went to get the mac'n cheese from the stove. "Mom always said he was like a lump on a log."

Lola nodded, she guessed she remembered her Mom saying that about their Dad. She thought of her father, always in his knitted sweaters, always cold even on a hot day. Milo was like that, too.

"Anyway, just keep busy." Milo plopped some Mac 'n Cheese on her plate then Liam's.

"Where's the vegetables?" Lola knew something was missing.

"Crap." Milo went to get the apple sauce from the fridge.

Lola went to look for a can of green beans. Liam would actually eat them right out of the can. Canned asparagus too. She sighed as she opened the can. She hated to do this to Ian, but she knew his feelings for her was an excuse of some kind. She could sense it. 

She couldn't dwell on Ian, even now, but her cell buzzed. Lola did her best to ignore it.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes a clean break is the ultimate solution. :)

ivy's closet said...

Its good to know that you can't let just one person make you happy. Maybe this will help Ian, too.

Sara said...

I think that she is being healthy, taking care of Liam and spending time with her brother is what she needs :)

ivy's closet said...

It would be hard to break you away from someone..who you thought maybe it was "love" but then figured really wasn't.

lucy and sarah said...

Hopefully, she'll find the real time!

mazzy may said...

Its never easy. Relationships and Friendships.

Spencer and Toby said...

Its not easy trying to figure out friendships that you want to be relationships.