Thursday, April 12, 2012

when the timing is right

Jules felt a tad guilty having all this time to himself for his studies, but tests were coming up.

When Willow got home, he knew it was time to take a break. He told her she looked beat, but she said it wasn't work.

"Then what is it?" He watched as if maybe she'd had an argument with her mother.

"Topher is being Topher." She sighed. He rubbed her shoulders.

"Is he now?" He didn't get why she worried over him. Exactly. Possibly, he knew, but didn't want to think on it. "What did he do, this time?"

"Same old thing." She shrugged as she made her way to the bed and laid down. He helped her with her shoes, socks too. "Why do I think he'll change?" She fretted.

"He's probably looking for someone just like you, that's all." Jules rubbed her feet. He smiled.

"Haha." She yawned. "I thought he was so in love with Josie, but now, he's being an idiot." She was quiet then.

He knew she'd go right to sleep if he rubbed her feet.

Seriously, he wasn't jealous of Topher in the least, but he knew Topher was a bit jealous of him. Even so, they remained friends. However, he would not get involved in this Josie matter. No, he was thinking of food. Still thinking of Willow's ideas to go low-carb.

 She was snoring lightly. He went to wash up.

Suddenly, Jules thought of a fantastic idea when he went to start dinner. They had hamburger meat, lettuce, tomato. All the fixings for  hamburgers. But no bread. Burger in a bowl. Instantly he thought it would work. Simple as that. He could hardly wait to make it. He reached in the fridge for the Swiss cheese and checked to see if their were a can of mushrooms.


Fashion art and other fancies said...

When the timing is right indeed. Jealously matter is never a positive thing. Better not to get involved indeed.

Cafe Fashionista said...

That is an awesome dinner idea! :)

Gianella Peralta said...

I've never actually tried burger in a bowl. But it sounds promising so maybe I'll try it out like what Jules thought of :)

ivy's closet said...

This is my favorite kind of Burger in a Bowl. Cool, that's he's making dinner too.

lucy and sarah said...

I want a guy like that!

Pop Champagne said...

yeeah it is all about the timing!

The Fashion Scan said...

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HailesHeartsFashion said...

Hey I notice you have changed your blog around a bit? I enjoyed looking through your cast and was totally shocked at how many characters you are running!?

Haha not sure I like the sound of a burger in a bowl but the thought was most definitely there in Jules' mind!


ellie said...

Sebastian Gregory did transform into Aaron Johnson ..after awhile as Jules.

I'm afraid I have way too many character. Not sure if its boredom or what.

Frankly, I feel some characters are where they are suppose to be. Like Ellie with Lon.

Hopefully, the stories..aren't too unhappy. Yet, evolving.

meg said...

She has him so well did she do it???

Mimi said...

cliche as it may sound, but timing really is everything -- it can make or break situations.

<3, Mimi
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Mery said...

i will follow your blog...