Thursday, May 10, 2012

before its a total mess

Oliver wasn't really listening to Jules nor Willow go on about getting the wedding license. Evidently, it wouldn't take long, yet, not something overnight, either.

It all had to do with that darn trip.

"Really? Do you have to?" Oliver needed someone minding the shop. They'd both be out of pocket even if it were two weeks. "How can you do this to me?" He hadn't meant to sound so devastated. But what was he to do? Close up the campus shop?

"We've got people." Willow sighed as if it wouldn't be that awful. Besides, much of the campus would be down for holidays and between semesters.

"Well, you say this Topher is so unreliable." Oliver eyeballed her, as he crossed his arms thinking he was twiddling his thumbs at the moment when he should be on his laptop checking his orders for certain ingredients at his bakery.

"What..if..what if we got Ian to mind the shop while we are away? It wouldn't interfere with his nights, and..and school will be out." Here in the mid-west school was out before by Mother's day. Jules reminded him. "Its not the end of the world, Ollie."

"I guess." He could trust his little brother. It would be nice to do something with Ian, who seemed a bit distant these days. Oliver hadn't a clue why. "You talk to him. You can talk anyone in to doing anything, now can't you?"

Oliver finally managed to congratulate them on their upcoming nuptials. Who knew when that might be.


ivy's closet said...

Oliver does seem to be set in his ways. But, I'm glad he's happy for them.

Sara said...

I am glad he trusts Ian enough with the store :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

At least Oliver is trying. :/

meg said...

Oh, Ollie. I hope things will go great.