Friday, May 11, 2012

taking the high road

Ian kept working as he listened to Jules talk about how he'd already be married to Willow. Soon.

"I just didn't want to rush her, you know. And now this. You think, we're ready, right?" Jules looked at Ian all bright eyed, as Ian went through the motions he did every night at the library.

"I think you just might be." Ian did his best to sound happy, but he really didn't want to talk about it. Nor anything for that matter. But he guessed he had no choice about seeing to the campus coffee shop. He had to do it. Oliver would expect him.

"Whats wrong with you, mate?" Jules festered a frown as if Ian wasn't at all happy for him. "You were sick..when.." Jules remembered the night Oliver announced the baby news, and how Ian reacted.

"I'm fine." Ian was straight lipped. He didn't want him to say anything about Kayla. He didn't want to hear her name, nor the mention of her having a baby, either.

"I dunno. Is it about Lola? What's up with that?" Jules winced in concern.

"Nothing. Totally, nothing." Ian didn't want to talk about her, either. He thought she was his friend. Obviously, not. She was keeping mum these days too. Wouldn't return his phone calls. Seriously, he felt so alone. He was sure if he disappeared, no one would notice.

"Maybe, this is your chance to know, what is it ..they the field." Jules smiled as if it would be like an Easter egg hunt of some kind, and candy might be involved.

"Just don't worry about me. I'm fine. And I'll be there in the morning to let, you, show me the ropes. OK?" Ian faked as smile, as if all was well.

"Thank you." Jules' lips curled on the ends as if he was genuinely filled with gratitude and a total happiness of the future.

Jules walked with him back to where the other carts of books were to be put away. They said their goodbyes at the circulation counter. Iam noticed when he pushed a cart near the young adult area there was Josie crocheting.

"Hey." She said ever so softly as if she might interrupt someone, but there wasn't anyone around. "Haven't seen you in a while. What's been going on?" She put down the baby blanket she was making.

"Not a thing." He shrugged.

"But Jules was here?" Josie asked.

He told her about Jules' trip to England with Willow then. "I kind of got rooked into minding the store while they are away." He shrugged as if it couldn't possibly be that big of a deal. After all, the place was opened from seven in the morning until three in the afternoon during the week.

"That sounds like fun." She smiled. "Do, you, need any help?" She told him she had nothing to do. Especially, with school being out. "I feel so, helpless. Like I'm an invalid, but I'm not."

"You'd be on your feet." He reminded her. "Have ,you, had any experience in food service?"

"No. But..but I want to. I want to help." She sounded so certain.

"Well, you want me to pick you up, very early in the morning and find out what its all about?" Ian shrugged.

"You'd do that?" She smiled as if he were the best.

"I'll be by at six thirty." He told her.

"You know, I'm at Derrick's now, don't you?" She explained to him about her father and how bad he'd been about the whole pregnancy situation.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know." Suddenly, a cannonball of emotions hit Ian hard. He had to sit down. He'd never thought Josie would have to give her baby up. It was a shock, even if Asa was going to adopt the baby.


ivy's closet said...

I know Ian's got a lot on his mind, but I think he's a good guy.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Josie really needs a friend right now. :/

meg said...

I hope we find out..what's up with Ian. I'm glad he talked to Josie.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad Ian found Josie.

lucy and sarah said...

This will be good for Josie.

Tarah and the City said...

I am glad Ian found Joise too!
Tarah and the City