Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here, we go again

"Wow." Olivia wasn't sure which was bigger news. Her sister having a baby or her sister's husband Elliot finding out he had a sister he never knew about.

"So..so..how are you feeling?" She thought she should ask first. She and her sister were going to the Farmer's Market for fresh produce. It was going to be one of their Saturday morning traditions. They would go to the one where Olivia lived, for starters, but branch out as the summer wore on.

"I'm fine." Penelope smoothed down her T-shirt, but she was slim as could be. She'd continued running every morning like she always did. It was one of those habits that Olivia never picked up. She wished she had, but wasn't going to dare ask Penelope now about it. "Its Elliot, I'm worried about because he so much want to know who she is, but his Dad isn't helping matters."

"Sorry to hear that." Olivia got the recycled bags they used to shop with. "I hope he's OK."

"Well, he's kind of keeping it a secret, like his dad asked him to, from his Mom." Penelope sighed as they went downstairs to walk toward the Farmer's market.

"That is so wrong." Olivia didn't like secrets. "His poor Mom. That's not right. He's just asking for a divorce, you know."

"Well, I think his dad knew about it, when it actually happened, but never said anything until this person was looking for him on Facebook." Penelope told her as they strolled into the warm sunlight of May. It was a beautiful day, and Olivia really didn't want to spoil it with talk of Elliot's father.

"So are they happy about the baby?" Olivia assumed Elliot's parents were ecstatic.

"I guess. I mean, his Mom sees Pearl all the time. She probably thinks its just one more for her to babysit, sooner or later." Penelope looked as if she wasn't sure about how his mother really felt.

"But she likes you. Besides, what does it matter, huh?" Olivia hated to say it, but she was tired of making other people happy. "You aren't upset with me, are you? That Ravi and I aren't thinking of having kids."

"Of course, not." Penelope laughed. "You two, just need to not think about it. Enjoy right now."

"I know." Olivia found fresh berries at the first vender they came too. She bought a package. "Its just, I dunno. I get this vibe that..that we are being selfish, you know."

"From who?" Penelope wanted to know.

"Ravi's parents." Olivia bit her upper lip. "You'd think I was scared of having a dark child, with dark eyes and dark hair."

"Don't let them guilt you. I know, you'll be ready when you're ready." Penelope told her.

"What if I'm not? Don't you worry, how scary child birth, will be?" Olivia couldn't help but look at Penelope's stomach.

"Not really. I'm excited. Its like an adventure." Penelope went to smell homemade soaps.

An adventure. Olivia nodded. She'd never really thought of it that way.


ivy's closet said...

I like Penelope's perspective.

meg said...

Its good to see them out and about being sisters.

lucy and sarah said...

I hope Olivia won't let anyone trouble her about starting a family.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Penelope definitely has a different type of perspective on the subject. :P

Sara said...

Haha, I am scared of ahving a baby too, I can totally relate!

Elle Sees said...

good way to think of it