Saturday, May 26, 2012

a little place in her heart

Lola was in total shock when Crosby asked her to the end of school formal. He was on an entirely different schedule than her when it came to school. He went to an all boys school and lived their during the week. On weekends he stayed at Daisy's.

"But what about this summer?" Would she see him? It was true she was smitten with him.

"Well, of course, you'll see me this summer." He was all grins. He did work at the grocery store. "I'll  be at my grandmother's." She'd been away to Corpus Christie to live with some of family. "She doesn't really trust me, but I don't know if I trust her, either." He told her she was getting old and she loved playing the slots. "She has a lot of boyfriends." That's why he liked staying at Daisy's more.

But he wanted to focus more on the formal. "You're the first girl I've wanted to go with." She wasn't sure if she understood or knew what he meant.

"Daisy has a boyfriend. I've known her since third grade. She's like a sister. And I was dreading, going with her. But now, I can't hardly wait."

Lola couldn't help but smile about the situation. Daisy helped her find something for the event. Suddenly, Lola had a new best friend. And it was great going places with Daisy. Talking to Daisy. It was as if she'd stepped into a whole new world.

Daisy's family was warm and friendly, too. She was a little shocked. It felt as if she was learning what it was like to be in a big family. And Daisy's mother adored Liam.

"But what about Crosby?" Her brother wanted to know how he was around his son. Suddenly, Milo was saying good things about Ian. How he missed having Ian around to help with Milo.

This caught Lola off guard. She didn't get it.

"Well, maybe he doesn't want to see you happy," Crosby said after she told him what her brother said. Crosby was so easy to talk too.  "I'm not trying to start anything." Crosby promised. "Its just, he expects so much from you."

When it came to Crosby, she liked the notion of it being the two of them. That was all that mattered. And she felt beautiful that night when she went to the dance with him. Lola truly felt she was now someone's girlfriend. And she loved having a framed photo of the two of them together in her room. Yes, he made her feel like she was finally in high school.

She stop troubling herself with questions as why he might like her. She embraced it, because Lola wanted to stop second guessing herself with everything. She had to stop being so much like her brother.


ivy's closet said...

Its great to see her evolving...positive for the most part.

Cafe Fashionista said...

His grandmother sounds like such a fun character! :)

meg said...

I think it'll be cool to learn more about Crosby and his family.

Shoaib said...

gr8 post dear..

lucy and sarah said...

I hope we hear more about his grandmother, too.