Friday, May 18, 2012

that sincere touch

Josie wasn't going to mention his name. Topher.

As it was, on their third day at the shop together (Ian and Josie), Topher showed up wanting his paycheck. Nothing more. He was acting all laid back, as if she wasn't even there. Josie thought about stepping on those thick boots of his, but she was certain he wouldn't feel it.

Topher made this huge monologue how he needed a break from this place. His band was going on a real tour this summer. Fairs, summer festivals. It was as if he had this passion that had to do with himself and no one else. Josie kept out of it, thinking what a butthead.

Now her feet ached. She was on her feet a lot. They weren't terribly busy, but steady. Mostly, people who worked on campus came in for a coffee break or late lunch. But usually, by three every day, she was ready for a nap. Except her feet kept her from dozing off when she got home.

"Maybe, those aren't the best shoes for you." Ian looked at the cheap version of black high tops she wore.

"Possibly." She knew he was studying her feet while she was peering at his tanned forearms. Josie blinked. How could she let herself stare so? It was as if she were escaping the miserable thoughts of Topher.

When Ian bent down and his hand pressed against her ankle, she thought it was the most heavenly sensation she'd ever witnessed, so unexpectedly. This was not suppose to be happening. Especially, with Ian.

"You need to elevate them. You're ankles have swollen." He said, but she wasn't sure she understood.

"Have they?" She winced hard. Josie supposed it was disturbing. That never happened before. It was almost time to go, anyway. He wanted her sit. Ian took off her shoes. Josie grimaced. Her feet were sweaty. The smell wasn't so pleasant, either.

"I have some time, after work. We could look for some TOMS." Ian suggested then.

"TOMS?" Josie was confused. First he said to elevate her feet. Now talk of shoes.

"My step-mom swears by them, and its a good cause." Ian shrugged. "I have some slippers at home. She got me some at Christmas." He slid a chair under her tired feet. Next he went to clean up what was left before they closed.

She hated the thought of him being so nice to her. Actually, he hardly said anything at all, lately. It was like he'd been sentenced to something. At first, she thought it might be having to spend time with her, but she didn't think that was it, after all.


lucy and sarah said...

Interesting developments.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

very interesting..I look forward to more :)) xx

Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE the developments between the two of them. :)

Anonymous said...

I think this was sweet.

meg said...

He's so sweet.

Sara said...

I think Ian is a sweetie!

I do, I do. said...


Very glad I came across here!