Saturday, June 23, 2012


Milo hated to admit this, but he really missed having Ian around. He knew Lola was on cloud nine with Crosby, but he wasn't so sure Crosby was baby friendly. Crosby really didn't like being around Liam.

It just wasn't the same. As much as he wanted his sister to be happy and with the right person, it didn't mean it was the right fit for him.

Milo hated that he expect so much from everyone. He really did want to be independent. If it were just himself, he could be. But there was Liam to look after, too. Now with an almost full time job, actually it was because he got more hours with everyone on vacation, this meant Liam went to daycare. As happy as they were to see how Liam adjusted to other kids and broadening his vocabulary, Milo felt he didn't know the little fellow at all now.

Liam was going on three, but somehow it felt more like thirteen. He talked so much now, and he loved to run around, get into things. He was getting harder to handle. Even so, he told Lola to go have fun. He and Liam would be fine. And they were, the first six hours.

"Outside!" He pointed to the patio door.

"No, you have to stay with dad. No outside." Milo knew this day was coming. Perhaps he'd hoped it would pass. "I need you here, with me." After all, Milo was stuck in a wheel chair, and he could barely stir around the house as it was. As much as he'd seen on video and in person how agile some people were being wheel chair bound, he was still learning and not at all strong enough to do everything with Liam. "I'm sorry, Buddy, we gotta stick together." He offered him some juice, hoping this nightmare wouldn't last long. "Lets watch Thomas the Train, or Dora." He could pop in another DVD.

"I don't want Thomas. I don't want Dora. I want to work, outside." Liam's dark eyes darted to the patio door.

"Work?" He was talking about mowing. He'd get excited every-time the neighbor got on his riding lawn-mower. "You don't want to work, right now. It'll be dark, really soon." Milo kept talking, trying to find something to interest Liam, but it was stressing him, more and more. What if he got out?

His mom was off at card game with some of her friends. Besides, it was looking stormy.

"You can't go outside." Milo told him. Liam looked at him as if that was an invitation to try to get out. And to Milo's shock, Liam got himself out the back patio door. He'd never done anything like this.

"Liam!" Milo was sure he wouldn't go far into the twilight. He pushed his wheel chair as far as he could go. Suddenly, he felt helpless. He reached for his cell. Thankfully, Ian answered.

"Liam's outside. I don't think he can get out of the back yard, but..I dunno, he might." Milo could hardly catch his breath. This was only a panic attack that he never wanted to have.


ivy's closet said...

That would really be hard. Little kids can definitely get out of hand, quickly.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Milo. :/

meg said...

I hope Liam is OK.

Ann said...

Oh kids...
hope Liam can take care of himself out there.

HailesHeartsFashion said...

First of all, Milo is the coolest name! Anyway, back to the story. Poor Milo and poor Liam! I'm not sure who I feel more sorry for. I guess things will work out okay for Liam in the end but Milo seems like he has a long journey to getting his head straight :/


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lucy and sarah said...

Poor Milo. I feel so bad for him.