Monday, June 25, 2012

such a bad boy

Ian guessed Liam knew where he was going.

"That little bugger, climbed the fence." Liam was sitting on the neighbor's little tractor out by the shed not too far from Milo's house. Luckily, he hadn't turned it on, nor had gotten all that wet.

Ian came over as soon as Milo called. It was raining, lightening too, which was kind of scary, but Ian picked Liam up without as much a whimper and brought him inside.

Josie was with Milo trying to keep him calm. He could see Milo was plenty nervous.

"He's never scared me like this before. Never." Milo held on to Liam, checking him over for any booboos. Not a scratch on him. He dried him off with a fluffy towel. Now Liam looked all sleepy as if he were playing possum. He knew he was in trouble. "I don't know what's gotten in to him."

"Well, it could have happened to any of us." Ian shrugged. "Does he ever run away from your Mom?"

"She doesn't really watch him that much, anymore." Milo told him. "Do you think I'm..I'm depriving him?"

"No." Ian shook his head. He knew Milo depended on Lola, a lot. "Guess, Lola's out?" He wanted to stay mute.

"Yeah, can't seem to keep her home this summer, either." He sighed as if maybe he wished she wasn't having so much fun.

"Well, maybe you need a new lock on the patio door." Ian was sure that would be an easy fix. He went to look at it, of course, he wasn't exactly a locksmith.

"I'll try to call someone, about that." Milo sighed. "I mean, I thought, you know, this place was kid proof. At least."

"Hey, you are a good Dad." Ian promised him. "Maybe he learned his lesson."

"Did you learn your lesson, Liam?" Milo messed with the growing toddler's thick mop of blond hair.

Liam only made a face that he was the perfect little angel.

"Want us to wait? Til Lola gets home?" Ian didn't mind.

"Maybe until I get him to sleep." Milo winced.

"Sure, we can do that." Ian told him as he looked over at Josie who was watching Liam as if he really was quite a show.


Gianella Peralta said...

The banner you made for this post is so fitting! Michael Cera looks like a cute baby. Haha!

Sick by Trend said...

It's great! Have a nice week!!!

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Cafe Fashionista said...

What a sweet encounter! :)