Monday, June 25, 2012

something about you

One minute Lola was in laughter with Crosby, outside her door. At least the rain let up, but they splashed their way up the steps to the front door. She didn't notice Ian's car. First person she saw was Josie. Lola could hardly blink.

Josie got fat. Really. Not that Lola would say anything. It was just a shock. Josie was definitely pregnant. Somehow, Lola imagined her having a baby bump, but still the body a skinny model.

"What are you doing here?" Lola kept staring, thinking her brother couldn't have possibly be infatuated with her. Where would they have met? This was just weird.

"Ian's with Milo..and Liam. They're getting him ready for bed." Josie told her.

"Oh." Lola hugged herself thinking she really wasn't sure she wanted Josie seeing her in her cut-offs and skimpy cami. "Ian's here?" She didn't want him seeing her, either.

"Yeah, Milo called. He sounded really upset. Liam got away from him." Josie told her.

Lola didn't know if she was really listening after that. She guessed he'd called her, but her phone was off.

"This..this is Crosby." Lola hesitate to introduce her to him. Was it really official? Was he her boyfriend?

"Hi." Josie's smile was open. "Its nice to meet you. What did you guys do today?" She asked about their date. She mentioned she hadn't been to the water park in ages. Josie asked about their ice-cream cones. Did the park still their huge soft serve for only .99 cents?

Finally, she saw Ian come down the hall. He looked her right in the eye, and he wasn't mad, nor bitter to see her.

She wished she could thank him for coming, but she couldn't.

He kept quiet, but told Josie they better go. It was getting late. Finally, he gave her a shy smile, gave Crosby a little wave.

"So?" Crosby asked after they left. "You know, him?"

"Yeah. I do." It pained her to say. "A friend. He knows my brother from the library." She supposed he was a good friend to Josie. She supposed Josie needed a good friend, right now.

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Anonymous said...

What's going through Lola's mind about Josie. That line..Josie got fat.