Tuesday, June 26, 2012

you and me

Crosby didn't want to be the outsider. But he was. He could see that now. This Ian was really good with kids. Why else did Lola's brother call him?

Lola sort of mentioned Ian. Once. He didn't pry about it. They were too happy to talk about exs and that kind of thing. Seriously, he knew she didn't believe him, but he'd never dated. Actually. That once of year school dance thing didn't really count. Usually, Daisy got rooked into going, and she hated it. It was as if she'd tagged along with her lost twin and wasn't so pleased with the company he kept.

And he'd never actually met a little kid like Liam before. It was after all, he and his grandmother, who was becoming more of a little girl each day. Her memory wasn't quite what it used to be, so he knew a little bit about babysitting.

"Look, I could come over. I could help you." Crosby would show her. Show her brother he could handle it. First, he'd have to get some books about babysitting and toddlers at the library. Find out, what he needed to do.

"No," Lola looked miserable now. "I want to go out with you..I don't..." She sighed as if this was her sentence for life. Taking care of her brother's child.

Crosby took her hand. "Hey, we will go out. A lot." Crosby smiled yet wished he hadn't said so. He needed a job to pay for dates. "But you know, just coming over to be with you, is a freebie." He hoped that didn't sound bad.

"I guess." She shrugged.

"Or, you know, you could bring him over to my house." He sighed. There was his grandmother to think about. He really needed to keep her home and away from the stirring wheel. She needed another hobby, other than the casinos and bingo at church.

"This..could work out for both of us. She likes babies." Crosby sighed, thinking of all those times at the grocery store when he was shopping with her and how she'd try to hold babies when they were practically bigger than her. Yes, Crosby knew a few things about keeping a handle on family.

They went to Lola's kitchen. She pulled out some cupcakes she'd made from the fridge. She poured glasses of skim milk.

"So, is Ian going to be a teen dad?" Was that why Lola didn't like him so much anymore? Because of Josie? Crosby sat at the kitchen table with the cold red velvet cupcakes with whipped white icing.

"No, he's not the dad." Lola shook her head. "His ex-boyfriend his the dad to her baby."

"Oh." Crosby cleared his throat. He'd never thought of a situation like that. He winced. He wouldn't dare say it was weird. He bit into the cupcake before he said another word. He was glad not to be so complicated.

"Ian's a good guy, though. He is. He'll go out of his way, for you." She sighed. "He'd talk to me at school, when no one else would."

Suddenly, Crosby felt so sad for Lola. He put his hand on top of her hand. Somehow, he'd make her see that those days were over.


lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad Crosby wants to be with Lola.

FWB said...

I liked his questions about Ian.

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff.