Saturday, July 7, 2012

I know what boys like..boys like me

Dorian was pretty mysterious, lately. Well, at least his girlfriend Quinn thought for some time now. But, even more so, recently. Like tonight, he was alone.

 He couldn't help it. Everything was falling apart, and he didn't know what to do. Nothing felt like it used to. There was no reason to it, he guessed. After all, he'd graduated high school now. He'd perhaps done his acting to some sort of award winning performance. No one really knew Dorian, but one person.

There were these expectations that his parents had of him. Expectations at school. He was popular. He guessed. It wasn't that he ran with the bulls, exactly. But there were places he had to be. Things he was suppose to be a part of.  Since school was out, he'd become aloof. Hoping, Derrick might get tired of that boyfriend of his. Besides, why couldn't it work out? Between them. It did. That one time.

But Derrick was being impossible. He avoided him at all cost. Dorian knew any other guy would have moved on, found somebody new. But he didn't want to be that kind of guy, either. He really believed he could be the one. The right one for Derrick.

They didn't talk much the night it happened. They didn't waste time in the back stage room, after hours. It was meant to be. He guessed. If Derrick would only give him a chance to explain. To talk.

Still Dorian wasn't so sure what he was hoping for, but he at least needed Derrick on his side. Someone, who could get him through next year. At this rate, he didn't even know if he wanted to see what college had in store for him.

Maybe he was just depressed. But it felt there were mountains of emotions to climb, and he was deep in a canyon of despair. And then he saw Derrick stumbling his way in the shadows of the concert.

Fireworks were starting to shoot off. It was more noise than anything.

"Hey, you, don't ..look so good." Dorian pulled Derrick behind the concessions where no one could see them. He knew it looked bad, but they needed to be alone.

"I'm fine." Derrick looked so out of it, as he took his time to get angry. "Are YOU stalking me!" Before Dorian knew it, Derrick pushed him hard in the chest.

"No. Of course not." But in the next breath he said. "Maybe. I couldn't help it. You won't..won't talk to me."

Derrick only laughed at him as if he were a joke now. His silly grin made Dorian cringe.

"Where does Quinn think, you, are right now?" Derrick mocked a whisper. "The restroom?"

"She's not here. She's spending the 4th with her grandparents." Dorian bit his bottom lip. It was a relief not having to spend the holiday with her. Perhaps, he was a chauffeur for the most part. It was all show. Besides, she was very religious. Wasn't that he had to consummate the relationship.

"How nice is that? What? What do you want from me?" Derrick was in a silly funk. Finally, it hit Dorian that Derrick was drunk.

"Lets just get you, home. Maybe some coffee would help, OK?" Dorian needed some time to figure this out. "I just want to be with you, some how." Dorian guessed that sounded like a silly school girl. He didn't mean to sound as if he were crazy for a pop star.


meg said...

I think Dorian maybe a good guy.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Dorian doesn't sound too bad. :)

Ewelina said...

Dorian is OK!

mazzy may said...

I'm glad we are finding out more about Dorian.

Brooke said...

I kind of like Dorian.

Sick by Trend said...

Have a nice weekend!


blue hearts said...

I'm pulling for Dorian.

ayşegül said...

Heeey what are you doing ;))

lOvE xoxo