Saturday, July 14, 2012

its never easy being good

Audrey decided it was about time she made her desk a home at work. She spread out several photos of her cat. She'd settled on the name Jamie. Finally. It would be down right silly to say he was her very on James McAvoy. She also got out her cup of Tootsie- pop suckers. Just in case she needed something sweet.

She smiled with satisfaction. Audrey wore her favorite mauve cardigan she'd thrifted over her floral halter-top dress. It was a bit nippy at the library. She inspected her canvas Mary Janes, thinking she looked professional enough.  Just then Milo rolled by in his wheel chair.

"Did you see my cat?" She wanted him to see the snapshots from Aidan's smart phone. They were framed and very vintage.

"Yeah, the cat looks an awful lot like my cat." Milo didn't look amused.

"Well, this is Jamie. And he's very fond of guacamole." Audrey was proud of the love of her life. Their relationship was very content. He laid next to her when she read her crime thrillers at night, and she liked to watch him sun bath in the window when she ate breakfast on late morning weekends. Audrey wanted to gush, but she guessed it would be wrong.

"I lost my cat." Milo nodded as he rubbed the back of his head, maintaining his seriousness.

She waited for him to say more.

"Yeah, she's been gone for some time now. Orange tabby. Her name is Matilda, but she never seemed to come when we called her." He remembered.

"Well, Jamie is a boy cat." Audrey said so matter of fact. This could not be Milo's cat. Just couldn't be. "So what did you do for the 4th?" She leaned on her desk, practically sitting on it. It was best to change the subject. She scooted the cat's photo behind her.

"The usual." He didn't look remotely excited.

Audrey crossed her arms wondering if he ever got excited about anything. But she was patience. She didn't rush him.

"My Mom's friends came over. I watched TV." He shrugged.

"What did you watch?" She asked more questions.

"Torchwood." He backed his wheel chair away as if he were done, saying anything more.

"Well, have a nice day." She was going to be upbeat or else. But the more she was alone, she seriously wondered if he could have sex anymore. Audrey knew she shouldn't think about this. After all, she'd promised herself she'd stay celibate. And..and it lasted all of the last three weeks. It felt so long, but according to Aidan, she'd just started.

Finally, she situated herself with work. Still, it was driving her mad. Why couldn't she at least ask Milo? She knew it was a bad idea. She grabbed a sucker from her cup, unwrapped it and put it in her mouth before she could say out loud what was bothering her. Of course, she wasn't really sure her cat was a male, either.


kiki said...

it's a postcard :D

FWB said...

I hope Audrey won't get ahead of herself.

Couture Carrie said...

Now I need a Tootsie pop!


Cafe Fashionista said...

I wish Audrey would loosen up a bit. :/

meg said...

And to think..that's Milo's cat..hmmmm...

Melissa Blake said...

You're so talented...nice work! xoxo

Chris Ed said...

hi Ellie, nice story!

xx chris

The Preppy Student said...

audrey needs to relax! nice post!