Sunday, July 22, 2012

Life's been good so far

Topher wasn't sure where the summer might take him. True, there was the tour. Except, it was nothing like he anticipated it to be.

It started off, with almost a bang. He guessed. But the places the band ended up were the old crowd, wanting to listen to some Jerry Garcia or Neil Young. The band played gigs at out of the way casinos. It was something, he wasn't exactly proud of. Still, it was work. Yet, the fact remained he'd never be famous. In fact, it was kind of a drag to Stefan who had been so happy to be a part of the band again. Soon enough, one by one everyone bailed and Topher was left on his own somewhere between Oklahoma and Texas.

He'd helped out with another band and even sang with a girl named Ricki who did classic rock cover songs. Actually, she did a pretty good Stevie Nix. Of course, she had to explain to him who that was. It was all new to him. But since she needed a base player and he could sing, Topher decided to stick around. Maybe he'd even learn something.

"I dunno, you look like the type who's already learned everything." Ricki teased.

"But I'm serious. I mean, I want to be a serious musician." He told her how he wasn't very successful in most things he tried, as they finally had some rehearsal time where he knew he had to stop winging it, and know his material.

The way she smiled at him, he doubted she believed him.

"Maybe, you could help, me,  with my grandfather's band." Ricki told him since he was hanging back at the casino, and hadn't quit like the other guys in his band.

"Your Grandfather's band?" Topher couldn't imagine anyone that old having a band. "What kind of band is it?" Topher drew a scowl.

"Its a polka band." Ricki smiled. She played the keyboard, a horn and a few other instruments that Topher couldn't even name, if he tried.

"You're serious?" Topher winced.

"Of course, I am." Ricki smiled, after all, she'd been in the band since she was three.


Cafe Fashionista said...

What a great opportunity for Topher! :)

ivy's closet said...

Lets hope he's maturing.

Vanessa said...

Have a lovely Sunday! Greetings from Belgium ;-)

Ewelina said...

new post :)

The Preppy Student said...

Ricki seems to know past his nonsense! love to see where this is going!

Chris Ed said...

polka band, how cool is this:) love this post.
xx chris

Bonnie said...

I can't wait to read more. I have definitely been keeping up with this. I like Topher.
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The Many Colours of Happiness said...

That sounds so fun! I hope he gives it a go :)