Sunday, July 1, 2012

not quite peeved

Olivia was handling the occasion at Syd's. She didn't have a place big enough at their flat. Besides it was only brunch. It was in honor of Amber who hadn't gone home yet.

"Are you really sure, everything is fine with Amber and her husband?" Syd winced. "She's been at her folks an awful long time. Its not like he went overseas, or something."

"I guess so." Olivia shrugged. She hadn't cornered Amber about it. They'd talked about Roger, instead. But Olivia left that alone too. She wasn't sure if Amber saw him or not. They had not gone on any un-welcomed visits to Roger and Ryan's. She'd promised Ravi that she'd behave herself. As ii was.. it was only Ellie who was over, without kids.

"Now, this is a first." Olivia looked at Ellie. "You must feel naked without a kid hanging on to you."

"Well, I get plenty of texts." Ellie told her Hannah was in Texas this summer visiting her mother. She checked her cell, but no messages. Ellie sighed with relief as she put her bag away. "Blake is actually home with the kids."

"Blake? Do you have a new husband now?" Olivia teased.

Syd nudged Olivia to shut up. "You know who he is."

Olivia went to the oven to check on the eggs in croissants. She was warming up. "I know he's a step brother." Olivia never actually met him, but heard a lot about him. She felt a little bad that she didn't see Ellie nor Syd that much, anymore. She didn't mean to be a snob, but honestly, she saw enough kids during the day where she taught at the deaf school. And she didn't want to babysit theirs.

"So? How's your job? How is Lon?" Olivia was expecting some big adventure from Ellie, but she didn't offer any. They were all fine.

"Yes, we are all fine." Syd told Olivia. Then she remembered Ian was seeing a pregnant girl.

"Isn't he every girl's best friend." Olivia knew a little bit about Eric's brother. Ian wasn't anything like Eric. Once upon a time Ian did have a crush on her. She wondered if he remembered that. She wouldn't mention it.

"Not this time. I think...they are more than just friends." Syd's impish grin acted as if they might be taking the next step. Ian as the role of a teen father.

"I hope that works out." Olivia looked at both of them. She was certain they no longer had a thing in common. She supposed they were waiting for her to tell them big news. Like baby news.

Why was she like this? It wasn't suppose to be this way. She hadn't meant to lose touch. She had to wonder if she could even pick Ian out in a crowd. Now she came off more of a smart-ass than anything else. She hadn't meant too.

The doorbell rang. It was Amber, the honored guest. Of course, she looked more fashionable, than usual. Refreshed, in fact.

Olivia looked her over. What in the world was Amber up to? They were suppose to do more things together while she was here, but Olivia never got back with her. Unfortunately, Olivia had a feeling she could figure this mystery out, all on her own. And she did not have a good feeling about it.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Olivia's usually right about these things. :/

mazzy may said...

I wonder if they'll talk?

lucy and sarah said...

Its hard when you have friends like this.