Sunday, July 1, 2012


Josie thought of how surprised Lola looked when she got home that night with the Liam problem. Why in world would she be there? It was all awkward, but Lola introduced her to Crosby. She'd been full of smiles before she saw Josie. Then it got really awkward when she saw Ian.

"What really happened between you two?" Josie asked now as she was serving her last fruity smoothie of the day to Ian who was there to pick her up.

"I guess..we just drifted apart." Ian shrugged. "Maybe we..were expecting different things."

Josie sighed as if she felt bad how she'd been on Derrick's side, all this time, with the Lola situation. Of course, back then she didn't know about Lola's brother in a wheel chair, nor her family situation.

"So you two..never..." Josie cleared her throat, thinking it was best to leave it alone. Evidently, he wasn't in love with Lola. It was not the chemistry they'd evidently tapped into where one couldn't get enough of the other.

Ian shook his head, no, as he stirred the thick smoothie with his straw.

"But you can't be friends, either." Josie felt sad about that. Of course, she didn't see herself ever wanting to lay eyes on Topher.

"I dunno. Maybe some day. She really is happy with Crosby." Ian took a sip of the smoothie.

"And you are OK, with that?" Josie watched him to see if it were true.

"Why not?" Ian winced. "I see how he looks at her. And...well, she needs happiness, like that."

"Guess so." Josie looked at Ian wanting to mention someone else. Kayla. But she knew she shouldn't. Not here, anyway. "My mother is coming home." She faked a smile.

"Already?" Ian smirked.

"I swear, she has a crush on Asa. She talks about him ..all the time. Does she even know how far along I am with this pregnancy?" Josie patted her tummy. It was a full blown baby bum now, and it wiggled like jello as if it knew who she was talking about.

"You're just saying that." Ian smiled.

"No, I really believe the only reason she's coming back is that..she hopes something happens with Asa." Josie told him.

"You are so funny." Ian shook his head with a laugh as if Josie must be joking.

"There are a lot of things I'm wrong about, but not about this. I can sense it. I really can. I just hope he knows what he's getting in too." She went to get ready to leave. Her shift was over, and she planned on spending the rest of the day with Ian.


The Many Colours of Happiness said...

This was really well written. Relationships are tough, and I hate the way that you can't be friends after you break up.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad Ian is an OK guy like this about exs, etc.