Thursday, July 26, 2012

switching gears

Ryan felt like a fish out of water, and she'd just jumped into the wrong pond. Women with babies. Not only that, there they were in a crowd, and everyone had on shades, but her.

"Here, take these." Olivia handed over a pair of aviator type shades she picked up first thing on their trail of beaded macroma and crochet halter tops. What were they looking for? Syd, the taller one, lead the way. Ellie, the blond wasn't far behind. Of course, somebody dropped a bottle of juice first thing. Everyone looked at it as if it were a causality they'd just soon leave behind, but Ellie picked it up and put it in a diaper bag over her shoulder and kept moving.

Ryan looked around as if she were slightly interested in the crafts, but not really. She looked at Olivia, wondering if she should say anything at all to her. But the threat remained, be close to your friends, but closer to your enemies. Not that she thought that exactly of Olivia, but she had reason to believe Roger had seen Amber.

"Have you heard from ...Amber?" Ryan finally asked as she looked over the shades at Olivia who was sniffing a candle, that obviously smelled more like bug spray than lemons.

"No." Olivia shook her head.

"I thought you were friends." Ryan said right away. Weren't friends suppose to call each other? Connect? Something. Ryan drew a breath. She was neither good at the friendship stuff or the sleuthing, for that matter. She really hadn't done anything with girls since Hope(her ex-girlfriend which seemed ages ago). Even then, Hope drug Ryan along, protesting all the way. Now she had to act interested, even if a slight ache was stirring. Possibly, it was just allergies.

"Well..." Olivia winced, perhaps grimaced. "I dunno."

"She didn't..she didn't leave..her husband, did she?" Ryan couldn't help but worry. Really, she did trust Roger. Or at least, she thought she did.

"Its hard to say. Exactly." Olivia shrugged. "She' different now."

"Different? How?" Ryan wanted to know. Soon they caught up with Ellie and Syd who were tasting fresh pineapple. Ellie let the baby taste and Syd was asking about prices.

"I dunno..if I should say." Olivia finally said.

Ryan hadn't meant to pry. She went to look at some framed pictures which were actually objects that formed letter into words like, LOVE, JOY, your last name. She kept her hands shoved in her khakis pockets. She looked at the artwork. It finally occurred to her that she and Roger could have a picture of their last name. That is if she took Roger's last name.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ryan seems so shady right now - it's strange. :/

MOSAMUSE said...

She seems like shes just a little lost right now

mazzy may said...

I feel for her. I think she definitely needs friends.

Priscilla said...

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Chris Ed said...

I feel sorry for her, she seems lonely

lucy and sarah said...

I hope she'll relax and really be friends with Olivia.

ivy's closet said...

Maybe she's changing. And she wants to be a part of the group.