Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a thing or two to do

Derrick kept pacing, feeling useless. "Why is she so mean?" He found himself asking Asa about Josie. He felt he'd walked in on an Exorcism instead of a birthing. "I thought she was gonna choke me to death?"

Of course, he wished she would hurry up. Asa told him it would take some time. "We don't want her to have to go into surgery."

Derrick kept his mouth shut. He remembered his sister Amanda. Sadness overwhelmed him. He wished she could be here, but she couldn't very well be an apparition he could will.

 It didn't help that Ian was the one who brought Josie in, and he was the one she wanted. How screwed up was that? It really wasn't fair. He stewed about, arms crossed, bad bed hair. He was still in his black work pants and stiff work shoes. Derrick was not in the best mood.

"You, can go in now." Ian was back in the hallway a few hours, later.

"Why?" He looked at him wondering what other nasty things she had to say about him.

" should. You'd want to be there." Ian looked at Asa, too.

Derrick nodded as he hugged himself tighter, taking a step forward because he guessed Asa let him. He looked back and saw that Asa wasn't behind him.

 Before he knew it, they were getting Derrick ready for the big event. He felt a little foolish in the scrubs. After all, Asa was the one adopting the baby. But the protocol began like a countdown of some kind. Bright lights beamed, and he was where he was suppose to be. At the end of tunnel. So to speak.

He kept quiet. Hoping it was soon. He was moved around. Some one, told him to hold Josie's hand. He was timid about it. She was sweating, maybe crying. And then things moved so quickly. They told her to push, and evidently she was from all her distress. Yes, he was sure it was all his fault. But there was the baby, in chunk-like cottage cheese, and blood, squealing like a pig.

Derrick felt so woozy, but he got to hold baby, who was bellowing so. Derrick knew then, the baby wanted his mother. But he helped the nurse wash the baby up, weigh it. All the things that came those first moments when a baby was born.

Derrick couldn't help but smile proudly. He was the father. He watched. He didn't know there would be so much to do so quickly.Yet the infant was already passing the tests that were done on him. He was normal. All his toes. All his little fingers. Perfect. He was short, yet heavy.

The baby weighed almost nine pounds. Derrick couldn't believe it. They hadn't talked of baby names. He kept expecting a girl. He kept thinking they'd name her Amanda. Maybe. But it was a boy. A big boy with dark eyes, looking up at him, finally finding his fist to be content with.

"Josie?" Derrick brought the baby to her. For a second he was afraid she wouldn't even look at the baby. She was so out of it. Possibly, she was already asleep, but she looked over at the infant, and took him. He saw her smile, as if she was glad everything was OK. Finally.

"I want to call him Dylan." Josie was so solemn. "If that's all right with you?"

"Dylan?" He questioned. Even if he didn't mean too.(Derrick's older brother)  Dan's partner was Dylan, but they called him Dil. Derrick liked it. He loved Bob Dylan. "Yeah, that sounds good." He didn't think Asa would have a problem with it. Asa could think up a middle name. After all, the baby would have his last name.

Suddenly, he wanted the baby back in his arms. He needed to feel his weight. He needed to know once more how amazing the moment truly was. Proud and honored to be in the baby's presences.


Cafe Fashionista said...

What an adorable name! :)

Sara said...

I think this brought them a little closer together, go Dylan!

Chris Ed said...

This is so exciting and special moment! and nine pounds:)

ivy's closet said...

I feel a little sad for Derrick. I think he wants to be a good Dad. I hope he and Josie will find a way to get along.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, I think Dylan is the perfect name for him.

mazzy may said...

That's good Derrick was there. I'm glad Ian let him have that moment.

MOSAMUSE said...

i like the name dylan :)... u always have great names!!