Tuesday, August 21, 2012

little details

Max supposed it was only temporary, but he decided to move out of his room for a while and bunk with Crosby. He knew Josie's Mom needed a place to stay at the house so they'd fixed the room up as a guestroom, the best they could.

Daisy brought a basket of soaps and towels. There were boxes of teas and a tin of cookies. The room was beginning to look a bit frilly for Max. The bedding was floral and very feminine.

"We still need to have a baby shower for Josie. We have to do something." Daisy thought about what to do.

"Right now, might not be the best time. You know, she has to get the baby home, first." Max shrugged.

"Do you think she'll live here after the baby's born?" Daisy asked as if it hadn't been decided.

"Well, her Mom will be here. It'll be weird if she's not here." Max couldn't see why Josie would leave.

"It hasn't helped that Derrick's such an idiot." Daisy had nothing good to say about him.

"Maybe, he's gonna wake up and you know, be who he's suppose to be." Max shrugged. He'd seen a good side of Derrick. It might have been some time ago. But they were still brothers. Derrick always made Max feel he should be here.

"Yeah, right." Daisy didn't have much faith in that as she put some final touches on a bouquet of flowers she'd put in Max's room for Josie's Mom.

"Well, lets see what we can do to Josie's room." Daisy went on down the hall. Max followed.

"Lola's been here." Max looked up at the white Christmas lights edging the ceiling.

"Crosby helped with the crib." Daisy told him. They'd brought in extra pillows for Josie.

"I hope she likes it." Max smiled thinking her room was cozy. He wanted her to be happy here. Maybe she would be.


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Love your writing!!! so amazing!! xxx

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It's nice to see them all working together!! :)

meg said...

Max is always sweet.

Chris Ed said...

It´s cool they´re preparing everything for Josie and the baby

Sara said...

Depsite the tension that is bound to build up, they are making the best of things :)

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aww...its great that they helped out!!