Friday, August 17, 2012

another restless night

Leave it to Henry to be all mysterious about this Shan fellow. Ian wondered if they'd be out all night. He sat in the back seat of the car with Josie while Henry made his covert move to get Shan out of the house.

Josie of course, put her head on his shoulder and finally she was laying her head in his lap. Soon enough, he heard the boys outside, lite with laughter like the wind. They got in the car as if they'd never had so much fun in their life.

"Where's Josie?" Henry looked at Ian in the rear-view mirror.

"Asleep." Ian yawned.

"Dang." Henry looked over at Shan. "I was wanting Josie to meet Shan."

"Hey," Shan offered a handshake to Ian.

"Yeah, she'll probably be pissed." Ian sighed.

"I'll take you home." Henry started up his car and they were to Ian's place in a few minutes.

"Maybe, maybe she should stay with me tonight." Ian said when they got there. "She seems.."

"What? You think its the baby?" Henry sounded worried then.

"I dunno. She just doesn't want to be alone." Ian knew she wouldn't admit it, but she was scared. Maybe that's why she was so restless. Or the fact, when school started she wouldn't be there. Everything was suddenly unknown. He knew she didn't want to be clingy. But it was OK. He wanted to be here with her.

So the three of them, got her to his room as they quietly could. She kind awoke. Looked at Shan and smiled but was back to slumber soon enough. It was as if they'd put a beached whale in Ian's bed. Henry and Shan left in the dark.

"No, don't go." Josie lashed out suddenly.

"I'm right here. You're in my room." He closed in then, whispering in her ear to quieten her.

She smiled in the moonlight with her eyes closed.

"I thought so." She sighed.

Ian pushed her thick hair out of her face. "Don't you know, you always get your way."

She almost smiled again, but he saw how she was squinting, even on her side. He sensed it then... that she might be going into labor.


ivy's closet said...

Looks like the night, just might have gotten started.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ian's a sweetheart. :)

lucy and sarah said...

Its coming...

mazzy may said...

I hope Ian is ready for this.

Chris Ed said...

Wow is the baby coming...

FWB said...

I'm glad Ian is with her.

meg said...

I truly think he cares about her.