Wednesday, August 29, 2012

before its a mess

Oliver thought parts of him fell by the way side, or the medication he was on made him feel like one big marshmallow. Truly, he was mellow these days. Home with Kayla who was on bed rest.

Of course, she didn't make that a picnic. But they managed.

Eric kept the bakery open for him. But he was no cook. Jules did most of the recipes. Although, Eric took some vacation from his job to tend to Oliver's store. Oliver hadn't expected it. All he really wanted was to curl up in a ball on the couch and sleep.

He didn't want to talk about Ian and Kayla. He wouldn't let himself.  Yet, he knew right now wasn't about himself nor Kayla. It was about the baby.

"Surely, you can find something on that Kindle Fire to watch." Oliver reminded her. After all, a good portion of the family made over her with presents and gift cards. "You won't be in bed forever."

Still he wished he had his own bed to fall into. Forget everything and be a blissful fool. Yet, he didn't let her know that he knew everything. Hopefully, she didn't notice. It was true, a part of himself flatlined when he found out his wife was with his little brother.

Why would she do it? The question rolled around in his head the first few days. Then his antidepressants set in and he really let the question float away. Besides, there was the nursery to think about. Willow and Jules' wedding.

He tried to have Audrey come around, but that didn't last long. After all, she'd taken over Kayla's job at the library.

"You know, we don't see eye to eye on much of anything." Audrey looked innocent enough about it. The fellow she was living with usually readied her with ribs and brisket to bring them. Of course, this was mainly food Oliver loved. He'd give Audrey a bag of day old scones and muffins in return.

"Why is that?" Oliver asked as if he might know a little bit about what Audrey said.

"Because, she's never wrong." Audrey told him.

Oliver wanted to tell Audrey that Kayla was always right about everything.

"I hope she appreciates everything you're doing." He meant at the library and being here for her too.

"I doubt that." Audrey only grinned.

"I know exactly what you mean." A revelation came to Oliver, who felt sure he always fell for the same exact woman every-time. "I tend to fall for the princess type, myself."

"Sounds like a new little princess will be reigning soon." Audrey gave him hope. As if a new beginning was right around the corner. At the moment, the days felt like weeks. Yet it was the future Oliver looked forward to. He hoped Kayla wanted that too.


Gianella Peralta said...

There's something so exciting in finding a princess-y girl and falling in love with her

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope things work out for them. :)

Natasha Gregson said...

Love it :)

Anonymous said...

Awsome !

meg said...

I hope Kayla appreciates him. I like the new Kayla, too.

Chris Ed said...

I like Kayla, cool chapter:)

ivy's closet said...

I still hope they talk one day.

lucy and sarah said...

It's gonna be a long road for these two.

MOSAMUSE said...

things will get better for them!