Thursday, August 30, 2012

its in the recipe

"So, do your parents know about this?" Syd looked at Eric as if he better explain all to her. After all, she was here to help him with Oliver's little place in old town.

"What? Me? Helping him out?" Eric looked at her blankly as he checked how many dollar bills were actually in the cash register.

"You know, what I mean." Syd wasn't so sure she could keep a secret this big, but she didn't want to ask for trouble, either.

"Lets..lets just see, how this goes. All right?" He slammed the cash register shut as if they did this every day of the week. Open for business. She could see him staying far away from the truth with his parents about the Ian situation with Oliver and Kayla.

"I dunno how I .... feel about this..." Syd squinted. She didn't want the problem to multiply. "What about Ian?"

"Maybe..maybe ..he does need a shrink. There is a lot of stuff I don't know. I have a feeling there is a lot Oliver doesn't know, either...about Ian. About when he was younger. Still, it doesn't make him a psycho or anything?" Eric kept looking at Syd as if he might as well have been the blame for not knowing what was going on with Ian and Kayla.

"I didn't mean..." Syd bit her bottom lip. A timer went off then and she went to get scones out of the oven. She kept busy, trying not to dwell on the bad, but the good in all this. Finally, Eric and Oliver were close. Talking. But it was business. And Ian, well, he was staying out of it. Staying clear of Oliver. "Have you even talked to Ian since he went back home?" She wondered if Ian called him. Syd slid the oven hot scone under the glass top counter where the baked goods were sold. There were muffins and a huge thick quiche waited to be savored too.

"We talk," Eric said. "Besides, he's busy with Josie."

Syd nodded. She knew Ian adored Josie. Hopefully, Josie appreciated him as much.

Syd knew she should enjoy the calm. Just then the door jangled. All the regulars were coming in, and they wanted to know how Kayla was doing.


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Love Ellie!!! keep on the good writing!!!

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Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see Syd trying to stay in the loop. :)

ivy's closet said...

I've always felt Syd made him a better person.

lucy and sarah said...

Love these 2 together.

mazzy may said...

They are sweet together.

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Just stumbled on your blog and are you writing all these short stories!? Love it! PS. I'd love for you to come visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)


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I always liked Syd. :)
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So sweet :)

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These two are cool together!

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They are good for each other.

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love the new photo. its good they r together