Saturday, August 11, 2012

I can't stop

Henry couldn't help it. He smiled all over. Shannon needed a library card. And here he was right in front of him. How easy could this be?

"So how did you like band camp?" Henry started an account for him.

"Fine." Shannon wasn't nearly as enthusiastic as he'd been a few seconds ago, when Henry found that book for him.

Henry would need some identification. He licked his dry lips as Shannon pulled out his driver's license, only to hold on to it.

"But, I-I don't live there, anymore." Shannon told him.

"Oh." Henry sighed. He really needed his current address. He couldn't help but be ecstatic. Where were those other questions he could check off? Male or Female? If only, Henry could make a check list for him. Shannon had to be male. Had to be. "Well, where..where did you move too?"

Shannon gave him the street number, which wasn't right off the top of his head. He had to give him his father's name. It was a bit of a start over, but Henry didn't mind. He could duplicate the information. Henry found his father's name. There was a family card.

Henry looked over the monitor then, trying not to smile too much. Shannon only lived three doors down from him.

"Wow," Henry laughed. "We're practically neighbors."

Shannon acted so cool about this. Almost cold. Henry gave him the card and Shannon slipped it into his wallet. Henry checked the book out. Shannon walked away without even a thank you. Henry watched the back of that great mane of hair.

Suddenly, a lump of sadness swallowed him. Henry lost his smile.

"He might be a shy," Audrey then gave him a nudge. "Shannon went into the women's restroom."


ivy's closet said...

The highs and lows of one moment.

meg said...

I like that Audrey said he might be shy.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Henry - always someone letting him down. :/

MOSAMUSE said...

so cool hes cold

FWB said...

Aw..maybe all is not lost.

Chris Ed said...

Poor Henri at the beginning happy, at the end sad. I am excited what´s coming next.