Thursday, August 2, 2012

just call me, maybe

Luc felt at every turn, he had to explain himself. Of course, explaining himself to Dorian.. might have been the wrong person. Perhaps, he should have shared this with his parents or even his sister, Audrey, but he wasn't up to it. Yet, somehow, he'd finally found the counter space in the galley kitchen he'd been missing. Dorian washed dishes. He put them away.

Luc talked about Lynsey and how she treated him like a guy in waiting. "Well, I'm not waiting for anything with her." He told him about Topher. "As if they'd work it out." He sighed not wanting to know any of their drama, but he was afraid Lynsey would drag him into it, some how.

"What's with the baby stuff?" Dorian finally asked as if maybe he was glad to know of Luc's problems and not his own.

"Oh, that." He shrugged as he put another dish away.

 Yes, there was a crib in the livingroom by the patio door. He was tempted to put it on the balcony and perhaps put potted plants in it. He'd always wanted to start a garden. "Its Leia's. Its her daughter's. She used to live here." Luc stared at the crib. A sad feeling got him in the gut. "Gia's probably out grown it, by now. I think she might be three. I guess."

"So..what happened?" Dorian looked at him as if there had to be more to the story.

"Oh, Leia's trying to work it out with Gia's Dad. Guess, its working out." Luc faked a smile. "The place is still actually in her name." He thought about how they came about this space. "She just whipped out her military ID. I got out mine. Neither one of us are in the military, but our Dads were. And..and we got it. I always, some how made rent. It was kind of sketchy for a bit. I thought I could make all this money at this research place. Before I know it, Leia's back with Tyson. Then she came back, but I don't think she will this time."

Luc bit his bottom lip in thought. He wouldn't go for it, if it happened again.


ivy's closet said...

Sometimes, it's easier to tell strangers about your life than those who are the closest.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Hopefully Luc gets wise about her. :/

meg said...

Sounds like Luc has been through a lot with Leia.

esteephs said...

thanks for your coment in my blog :)
kisses <3

lucy and sarah said...

Wow, he must be struggling. He seems smart about it. I hope so.

MOSAMUSE said...

good luck luc

Chris Ed said...

I am sad about Luc!lovely story.
xx chris

Mimi said...

i agree with ivy's closet -- it's weird how easy it is to be blunt and honest with strangers...

<3, Mimi
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