Monday, August 6, 2012

you wear it well

Henry hated to admit it, but he was on the look out for Shannon. At least no one had to parade around in a band uniform. Just the same, even in Tees and jeans, it was rather uni-sex for the most part.

He hated the idea that he was wrong about Shannon. Of course, Shannon hadn't exactly shown he was interested. If only, they'd been at a STARBUCKS and he was ordering a latte...

Henry shook that out of his head. He'd read a few books about the perfect way of meeting that certain someone. They'd hit it off and if luck would have it, he'd ride off on the back of a motor cycle with him. But that was only a dream.

Henry had to face the fact, Shannon was pretty much oblivious to everything. Except that book he was reading. Still, Shannon being aloof, with out a care in the world (He didn't even wear socks..what if he didn't wear underwear, either?) intrigued Henry all the more.

"Well, stop thinking about him." Audrey told him to snap out of it, on one of their nightly phone calls.

"Why ..why would you say that?" Henry was hurt that he'd hear that kind of advice coming from her. After all, she flirted with everyone, practically. All though, he guessed she'd turned over some kind of new leaf with his brother. They were pretty solid at the moment.

"Because, you are there to have fun. Think fun." She reminded him this was his chance to meet new people. To make some music. Experience high school.

Naturally, Henry thought about how many showers he wished he could take in a day. It was pure sweat and toil out there on the field, carrying those drums. It was back breaking. This was hardly a vacation. He was beginning to feel that Audrey didn't really get him.

All he really wanted.. to daydream about Shannon. It was something he needed to keep close to him, but was he just as idiotic, as he always was?


ivy's closet said...

Definitely, good to think about your logic in all of this. Especially, if he wonders if he's in a rut, or just naive about falling head over heels about someone, instantly.

lucy and sarah said...

Audrey might be on to something. Sometimes, you can't see the world when you only want to see one thing.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I hope good things come to Henry this year! :)

Cuppykirsten said...

I just came back from a holiday, so I have to catch up with your stories. This one looks promising!
And thanks for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog. I really appreciate it.

With love, Kirsten

meg said...

Oh, Henry...he's so sweet when he's worried.

Clara Turbay said...

I always find here ideas to inspire me and tips to look better.

mazzy may said...

It can be so hard getting on the right page with to speak.

Chris Ed said...

This chapter is really romantic:D
Haha socks and may be no underwear.

MOSAMUSE said...

its great to see his love for shannon. very sweet