Tuesday, August 7, 2012

what's not to want

It wasn't exactly a big time rush at the coffee shop yet, but business was picking up and Dorian was catching on. Willow promised there would be more on staff than just the three of them.

"You'll have time to study." She told him. As it was, it seemed to be a happening place for late afternoon conversation. Mostly, Luc's doing. Sometimes, Lynsey would be there. Of course, Dorian couldn't tell if they were friends or foes. Lynsey could definitely get into it with Luc, especially over Topher. Dorian had no idea who they were talking about.

"Oh, he's a wannabee rocker." Jules shrugged as if he didn't have much faith in anything about Topher.

"And, Lynsey has decided to be in love with him." Luc didn't let the Topher issue go away. Dorian  listened, even though, he was hoping to hear from Derrick, but he hadn't. The fact remained Josie was going to  have his baby. And Dorian wondered if that would change everything.

"THAT IS NOT FAIR!" Now Luc set Lynsey off. Dorian thought they might have a shoving match.

"I dunno why!" Luc teased back with a smirky face. Thankfully, there were no customers around. It was as if Luc knew what buttons to push. "In the feline community, male cats always bond much quicker than a male and female cat. And when it comes to two female cats..well, they never get along." He impishly shrugged, looking back at Willow. "That's why Dorian and I, are great together."

Dorian winced wondering where Luc was going with this.

Jules only held in a laugh and went to check on something in the back. He was definitely staying out of this conversation while Willow gave them both a funny look, wondering what were they talking about.

"Look, it didn't work with us. Its not gonna work with you and Topher, either." Luc informed Lynsey.

"Are you gay, now?" Lynsey was being snide.

Luc laughed as if she was trying to be a comedian. "OH MY GOD!" He laughed as if he might go into an improv of some sort. "Have you never heard of the word bromance?" He rolled his eyes at her and went to ask for more coffee from Dorian.

"I dunno, I think you've had way too much caffeine." Dorian wasn't joking, but he went to get Luc more coffee.

"I'm just getting started, really." Luc swore he hadn't had any since six this morning. Caffeine was the only vice.This was only his second cup. "So, you heard from that boyfriend of yours?" He looked Dorian in the eye.

"No, but ..then I haven't expected too." Dorian knew Derrick didn't really want to hear from him until Dorian came out to his parents.

"He's a ass." Luc squinted. "I mean, who needs pressure like that? You, come out when ever you're ready."

Dorian knew Luc was right. If only Luc were gay, Dorian knew Luc would be the best boyfriend ever. He was loyal, a good listener and always compassionate. Dorian was thankful he'd met him when he did. He'd never had a friend quite like him in high school. He definitely wasn't a player like Cedric who he'd known long before Derrick.

"Try to play nice, will you?" Dorian had a feeling Lynsey might get her way with Luc yet.


Cafe Fashionista said...

What a tangled web. :/

ivy's closet said...

Such friends. Luc and Lynsey. He seems to like to push her buttons as much as she likes to annoy him.

Is there anything to it?

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad Luc and Dorian are getting along.

The Preppy Student said...

this story keeps changing everyday! Luc and Dorian are getting along because Luc is understanding and won't pressure Dorian.

Style Of Life said...


Chris Ed said...

It´s exciting what is going to happen between Luc and Dorian...

MOSAMUSE said...

everyone wants someone loyal and compassionate!
its amazing that u can write these everyday!!


MOSAMUSE said...

everyone wants someone loyal and compassionate!
its amazing that u can write these everyday!!


KERRIN said...

super blog girlie girl. let's follow each other! x

Lipsy said...

Following you..please follow back to keep in touch!

Very interesting post!