Friday, September 14, 2012

a friend is a friend

Ellie could understand why Olivia would want to hang out with Ryan. Obviously, Olivia didn't have to be pestered by kids. However, it was nice to see her come to the early morning matinee. Hannah was with the Charlie and Chloe at the moment while they were getting refreshments. Hopefully, she'd have time to chat with Olivia and catch up. She felt a little bad they didn't have a chance to do this more often.

"Its not like I did anything wrong." Olivia was a bit more nervous than usual as she filled cups of lemonade at the drink station. She was telling Ellie all about her night out with Ryan at the club.

"Right, I guess, but did you.... tell Ravi about this guy?" Ellie didn't mean to put her on the spot.

"Uh,.um.." She was struggling with plastic lids for the drinks. Ellie slid them in place as if she could do it in her sleep. She put the straws in. "Not yet." Olivia finally drew a breath.

"But you are?" Ellie looked at her.

"I dunno." Olivia winced. "It wasn't really anything."

" brought it up. must be something." Ellie clarified as she got the kid's boxes of snacks ready to take into the theater.

"I guess." Olivia shrugged as she helped carry in the drinks while Ellie took the popcorn to the kids. "But..but not really." She was very perplexed about this predicament.

Ellie wasn't sure what to think.

"You should.. just tell Ravi. You'll feel better about it." Ellie finally said as they found their seats before the trailers started.

"But..but I'll probably never see Luc again, you what's the point?" Olivia was back to the question.

Ellie looked over to see Hannah was texting away.

"Can you do that later? The movie is going to start?" Ellie was amazed Chloe hadn't wondered off. Thankfully, Charlie was holding her hand as if no one was getting to his sister. But once he got his drink and popcorn, he was totally into his snack.

"It hasn't started yet." Hannah kept texting. Of course, she was texting only one person, and Kenny was on a weekend vacation with his grandparents. Supposedly, he was at Disney World and finding the time to text back.

"Do I have to take the phone away from you?" It was an old phone at that. Thankfully, she wasn't begging for a smart phone or anything better, but her fingers were nimble with the phone number keyboard.

Hannah fretted a little, but handed over the phone. Ellie turned it off and put it her bag. Ellie hoped they could enjoy the movie, but there was Olivia with a worried look, and Hannah didn't look much better as she picked at her popcorn.

Olivia & Luc


Winnie said...

It's so distracting when people text at the movies! I'm glad she put it away in the end! said...

Wonderful post dear :))
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meg said...

So much on Olivia's mind.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Olivia. She really needs to address her feelings - otherwise she could lose Ravi forever. :/

Sara said...

Olivia needs to sort out what to do :(

lucy and sarah said...

I dunno, Olivia might start something she'll wish she hadn't.

ivy's closet said...

She might be thinking way to much about this Luc.