Tuesday, September 11, 2012

dancing shoes

They'd finally settled on a November wedding. Ryan was happy.

Of course, now that she thought about it, she wondered if it was she who popped the question to Roger. It really didn't matter. It was like Roger was waiting for her to decide.

 Perhaps Olivia had something to do with it. They were friends.

Still it was more of a shocker to her because she couldn't remember her last true friend. Sure she knew people and before Roger there were of course, girlfriends, but that wasn't exactly friendship. Usually, it could get ugly.

But that was behind her now. Ryan and Olivia were taking zumba classes every Saturday.

"We have to take these moves clubbing." Ryan shocked herself that she said it, but she really wanted to dance more. She wanted to get good at these moves before the wedding. She recalled every Friday night at this place near the University was the place to go for some fun, or so her co-workers kept telling her. Nothing serious. Just line dancing with a lot of zumba moves and dance tracks from that infamous video game that was possibly the dance craze last summer but was still hanging on.

Problem? Getting the guys to go with them.

Olivia's husband worked late these days, and Roger didn't like the idea of the three of them.

"You guys go." He told her.

Still Ryan didn't like the idea. They were a couple.

"You guys see what its like. I promise, I'll go when Ravi goes." It sounded so simple. Still Ryan would have felt better if he went.  But Olivia was up for it.

"We..we will just tell people... we are a couple, if anyone hits on us." Olivia thought that would work.

Ryan guessed she could go for that. Of course, they were only going for the dancing. And the dancing they did. It was full of energy and nonstop hopping around. Moving their clumsy feet. Lots were so professional at these dances. But some weren't. And one that definitely wasn't... came over to chat Olivia up when Ryan was watching her buy drinks.

"Oh, um..I'm with her." Olivia pointed to Ryan who staked them a table. Olivia was getting creamy alcoholic beverages while Ryan was nursing on a big bottle of water. Ryan watched from a distance, thinking this was the worst possible scenario that she wanted to avoid. She was definitely going to let Roger have it when she got home. They could never do this again.

Before she knew it, there was the guy Olivia met at the bar and his friend too.

Ryan cleared her throat trying to fix this.

"Hey, this is Luc." Olivia was all grins. So was Luc, all laid back with his friend who looked a little lost.

"You guys do this a lot?" Luc asked. "This is our first time." He looked at his friend who he introduced as Dorian. "I really, have no idea what's going on." He wanted Olivia to show him some steps.

Ryan could see he was interested in Olivia. He could care less if his roommate was even there. Soon enough they were off dancing.

"I have a boyfriend." Dorian said a few minutes later in the lull of the thumping disco club mix. Obviously, it wasn't Luc.

"Good to know." Ryan faked her best smile. "I'm engaged."

"Great." Dorian's smile was genuine. "Is that your fiancee?" Suddenly, Dorian looked horrified.

Ryan sighed thinking she should have said something sooner.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a confusing situation for Ryan. :/

meg said...

Definitely interesting moment.

Natasha Gregson said...

ooooh, tense. Love it !!



ivy's closet said...

Wonder where this will go with Luc and Olivia?

lucy and sarah said...

This is gonna be interesting. Luc and Olivia???

FWB said...

I wonder what's going through Luc's mind.

Chris Ed said...

It´s always funny with men and dancing. The moment at the end is interesting!
kisses chris