Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How it goes

Topher supposed he'd let Lynsey down. After all, she'd gotten the ball rolling with him and his grandmother's old house. She'd found him roommates. They'd made the old house a home. It took a lot a work. He was thankful for her. But not completely.

He guessed she wanted to move in. It was up in the air. He thought now, when he thought about the way she talked. She was going to take care of everything. She was going to take care of him. And he had to admit, he liked the idea.

It almost happened. Almost. He might have been a little drunk. And it was pure silliness when it happened. The first weekend at the new old place, as they called it. They were dancing, drinking tequila shots. Not a good combination. But still it was a lot of fun. Maybe too much fun.

It was like old times. He wasn't thinking about how much he needed to change his life, nor what he was going to do with his grandmother gone. He probably would have slept with Lynsey that night if Ricki hadn't called.

Life savior. He knew that now. And he truly wanted to be that guy that Ricki thought she knew.

It wasn't a lie. Not exactly. Ricki was important to him. Besides, he was the only person Randi had ever been with. He talked on the phone with her for a very long time. It was good to hear her voice. How could he forget his summer. She was the best part of summer.

He wanted to be that guy Ricki was in love with, and she talked about love a lot. She was waiting to hear him say it. But he could see that look on Lynsey's face as if he'd totally lost it.

"Love you too." He finally gave in. He said it every night at midnight when she called. This was their romance. No time to text in her busy life.

"But you have to come see me, you have too." This was usually the way the conversation went every night, near the end of their hour long conversation.

"I want to, Honeypoo, I do." Her voice so sweet, but he was beginning to think she was just writing a song he'd inspired now.

"When?" He'd wince. He'd hear all about the tour dates for the polka party-time. When would she ever come here?

"I wish I knew." That was all Topher got from Ricki. It was all so lonesome, but then again this was Ricki, and he couldn't help to be devoted to her.


Street Fashion Paris said...

What a nice style!!! xxx

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Topher's not being taken advantage of. :/

ivy's closet said...

Two different women in his life...hmmm

lucy and sarah said...

I have a feeling Topher is going for Ricki.

Anonymous said...

The phone call was a close save.

MOSAMUSE said...

i loved summer romances :)

caitlin and megan said...

I hope Topher will be true to one of them.

Chris Ed said...

That´s not so cool how Topher is acting