Thursday, September 6, 2012

it could be ridiculous

Shan wasn't so sure what to expect from his step-mom, but obviously, she adored Henry's babysitting skills.

Shan was pretty sure she would have had a break-down of some kind if he was left on his own with Bree. Thank God, Bree loved Henry. Honestly, he didn't know if he deserved everything working out so well.

Of course, there was that moment at the movie theater when Henry crossed path with his ex. Awkward.

Shan really didn't know this guy Derrick. They'd barely said two words to each other. Of course, Shan was the real silent type. He was told to smile more when he tore tickets. He tried. Honestly, he was trying.

Derrick had the charisma for making everything OK in customer service. Still, Shan was skeptical of his friendliness.

"That was your boyfriend?" Suddenly, Shan felt as if something was stuck in his throat. He didn't want to think of Henry having a boyfriend. Ever. Not that he was jealous. Just the fact Shan hardly felt he even knew what to do, as a boyfriend. Perhaps he felt under-rated or not quite experienced.

It wasn't easy to find the time to talk to Henry about these sort of things. He guessed he needed to know. Still, there was Henry to help him around school. It was all new to him. Yet, he didn't want to center around these questions just anywhere. Especially, at home. After all, it was sort of a secret. To his family, Henry was a friend. Possibly, just one of those subjects his Dad wanted to neglect.

But he needed to know Henry's history. Wasn't that it was hush hush. Still Shan was beginning to hate the quietness.

"So what happened?" Shan was alone with Henry on the back hill behind the school. He'd listen to Henry go on, how it was the best hill for sledding, come winter. Now it was a meadow of green being manicured by the school close to the soccer fields. "You know, you and Derrick." Of course, there were the little things he wanted to know too. Just how experienced was Henry? But he couldn't ask.

"He cheated on me." Henry acted as if he was suddenly cold on a late summer's day.

"How could..he do that?" Shan winced. He wanted to hate Derrick so much. It felt so automatic. "I ..of all people. That's..that's.." Shan shook his head. Really he didn't know what to say. "Just despicable."

Shan bit his bottom lip. "You two were really serious, huh?"

"Yeah, if you mean I had feelings for him. But all Derrick wanted was sex." Henry told him.

"Sex." That was a foreign subject to bring up. Shan thought he might choke on a laugh.

"What?" Henry's grin was open.

Shan shook his head. "I don't want know." Actually, he thought he wanted to, but now he just wanted to be surprised. He took off running. Henry followed, catching up quickly. His hands grabbed Shan's waist. Before he knew it they were rolling down the hill together, and it was accelerating.


Mimi said...

oh wow, things are getting crazy with them! can't wait to know what happens next. :)

<3, Mimi
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Cafe Fashionista said...

They are so sweet together! :)

Sara said...

I like them together, they are sweet & fun!

Syed said...

Must be nice for Henry to have such a good relationship after being cheated on. Always strikes me as one of the hardest relationship related issues to get over.

meg said...

I think I'd be having the same questions as Shan too...with Henry.

I'm glad though..they are enjoying each other's company

Natasha Gregson said...

This is so sweet :)


MOSAMUSE said...

things are going quickly!

Chris Ed said...

I like that Henry is great with kids:) These two are really sweet together.