Wednesday, September 5, 2012

practical Milo

Milo wasn't really in the mood for lunch, out with the girls. Besides, there was his daily granola and apple with a cup of tea. It wasn't necessary for him to go along with the library crew.

"We have to make Quinn feel welcomed." Audrey was all silly in her dark stockings with her retro skirt and her pale oxford shirt.

"You're really going to eat ribs in that outfit?" He looked as her as if he didn't want to witness the sight of it.

"Why, yes I am." She sassed back. "And you are coming with us." She eye-balled him.

"Why? Do I have too?" Milo gave her a soured look.

"Because, she loves those cheeks of yours and that cute little of voice of yours." She pursed a smile as she looked down at him. "Quinn has a thing for you."

"She does not." Milo stared at Quinn from afar at the Children's desk. Sure, they talked. But maybe it had to do that no one else was there to talk to. Quinn was the new Children's Librarian assistant. It started out as a volunteer thing, but soon enough they hired her and she was there every morning for storytime until noon.

Milo wheeled away from Audrey. It was humiliating, going out to eat in a wheel chair. This would mean they'd have to help him into the car, out of the car. He hated being a burden. Wasn't his life a pity, already? Why must he have to face the fact that he was always going to be just Milo, that guy in the wheel chair at the children's counter in the library.

A few minutes later, Asa came to the rescue. But not really.

"I'm driving." That had to be plus. "I don't want to be the only guy." Evidently, this was a celebration lunch for Mildred who retired now, but promised she was coming back to mend books.

"All right." Milo gave in. Didn't mean he was going to like it.

Soon enough, it was lunch and Asa wheeled him out to the car and into the back seat. Before he knew it, Quinn was practically in his lap.

"Sorry." She was very apologetic as everyone piled in. Milo smiled as if that was OK. He was OK with everything. Or so he liked for everyone to believe. But the more he looked at her, he thought she was too young. For him. Not that it mattered. He was not going to date her. Honestly, he didn't know why he worried.

He kept quiet while Audrey was full of information about where her so called boyfriend worked, at the barbecue place. "Aidan got us the back room, and everything." It was surprising that it was actually a surprise party for Mildred. Milo was sure Audrey already told Mildred about it, as much as she blabbed.

Of course, he was left on his own with Quinn, who helped him with the wheel chair. Now he was the one apologetic.

"No, its OK." She promised it was fine as she helped push him through the tight places and cracks in the side walk. He felt as if he'd gotten a work out before the food ever arrived.

Naturally, Mildred was thrilled to see him. She cooed over Quinn as if she was terribly sweet and a great addition to the children's library.

"You two are perfect for each other." She told them.

Milo kept grinning even if he were completely embarrassed, but Quinn set with him and enjoyed the show. The food too.

"We could do this sometime." Quinn told him she liked to go to different places to eat. "You know, the two of us."

Milo thought he saw her wink, but maybe it was just something in her eye.


Morgan Brooks said...

I'm a little obsessed with you and your blog!
So good love!
Follow each other?!?!
If you get a second, it would be amazing if you could come check out my latest post!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Milo needs more confidence. That was definitely a wink. :)

ivy's closet said...

Aw, I hope Milo gives her a chance.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad he's coming around. Hopefully.

Alysha said...

Ahh, I wonder what will happen next. I think its pretty obvious that Quinn does have a thing for Milo. We'll just have to find out :D

Keep up the good work! This was such a fun read.

Sara said...

I like the idea of Milo and Quinn! She seems to already be making him a little less grumpy :)

Ewelina said...

Milo must give her a second chance.

MOSAMUSE said...

awww come on Milo!!

meg said...

This was sweet. I hope he'll be happy.