Friday, October 12, 2012

barely there

Ryan wasn't sure it was an exact honor, but suddenly everyone seemed to think she was Olivia's best friend.

It was depressing. Since she hardly knew what to say. Yes, she put her arm around her. She sat next to her, yet she felt a million miles away. It was so hard to know what to say now. The shock was unbearable at times. Ryan wasn't sure she had the stamina for it.

Finally, she let go. There were other people who wanted to be there for Olivia during this time of sorrow. As it was, Ryan would get shaky from the low blood sugar. But there was nothing really for her to eat. She had to stay away from the sweets. She knew if she did, that would be a tumble in the wrong direction.

So here she was meandering in the kitchen. Food waiting for the dinner after the funeral at Olivia's relatives. She knew she didn't need any of it. But where was an apple when she needed it? Some friend she was. This was possibly why she didn't need this task. At moment she felt in the way.

But a knock came at the kitchen door. No one else seemed to hear it. She went to answer it. To her surprise there was Luc and Dorian.

"What are you doing here?" She supposed she was more shocked than she should be. How did they even find the place? As it was she hardly knew them. Just that one night. She thought of how much fun Olivia talked about that night. And now there was Luc.

"We just wanted to drop off some scones." Luc said rather quietly, as if maybe he knew he shouldn't be here.

Dorian told her they were from the bakery. They'd found out from Willow's friend who was really good friends with Olivia about where the family dinner would be.

"Thanks." Ryan took the tray. They weren't staying.

"How is she?" Luc wanted to know.

"Well.." Ryan didn't know if she should say. "She's holding up." Ryan didn't know for how much longer. Ryan felt weepy just thinking of Olivia.

Luc only nodded as if he wished he hadn't asked. They left. Finally she shut door to put the scones with the rest of the table of deserts.

"Who was that?" Roger's voice scared Ryan.

"Friends of Olivia's." Ryan bit a grin not sure she even wanted to explain anything about Luc nor Dorian.

"Are they a couple?" Roger wanted to know.

"I guess." Ryan didn't mean to lie. She told him about the scones.

He held up a bag lunch for her that he'd made for her. Slices of apples and nuts, along with a bag of brown rice cake snacks in cheddar.

"You're a life savor." She hugged him hard, wanting to get away from all the casseroles she didn't need. It was great to know that someone knew exactly what she needed.


Cafe Fashionista said...

It was a nice gesture on Luc's part. :)

Sara said...

Awww, I totally feel Ryan, I have hypoglycemia :P Glad someone knows what to do!

meg said...

It would be so hard to be in Ryan's situation. Its great to see Roger takes good care of her.

Its such a tough time.

ivy said...

Luc is great and I'm glad Dorian was with him. Such a tough time. And I feel for Ryan's situation too.

MOSAMUSE said...

you're doing so well with ur posts!! keep it up... great writing!